September 7, 2011


Our house is SOLD!

I could not be happier! And the buyer is a great person! She is a single Mom of two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and 12! They already knew and loved our neighborhood and they will fit right in!

It only took 3 days, 4 phone calls, and 3 viewings! I am so happy that we chose to sell it ourselves! It was worth the effort for saving the thousands we would have paid in commission to a real estate agent!

Our closing date is November 1 but I am hoping to have the house emptied by thanksgiving weekend, after which point Nico and I will move in with my sister and her family until I finish work on November 4. So... in just over two months, I will be back in my hometown impatiently patiently waiting the arrival of our little man number two!

I will keep posting here and there but as I have said, there won't be much decorating / DIY-ing going on as we are living with family for a while. But I'd rather keep posting regarding other Mylène-and-family-related topics than to close the blog. I've been evidently busy with prepping and selling the house, but should have more time to post in the coming weeks and until the baby arrives. I can write about topics like Baby Beadow Dos, our next home's "wish list", our hometown, and random inspiration pictures.

Take care and hope to see y'all soon!

August 30, 2011

I have something to tell you...

We ... are ... moving! That's right! Jon has accepted a job in none other than our hometown of Kapuskasing, Ontario! {For those of you who don't know where that is, it is about a 10-hour drive away from where we currently live!} And we are THRILLED!

We have been living in the Ottawa area for seven years, and from the get go, we have hoped we could one day return to our hometown, but we knew this would be difficult with few job opportunities. But now, our dream is coming true and we will get to live the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle that only a small town can offer, with a large support system around us, and plenty of extended family and friends to keep us busy! I can't wait...

This decision means many things...

At first it meant "panic mode" for about 24-hours, realizing how much we had to do, and like, ASAP! {Jon leaves on September 18!} Our plan is for me to stay behind with my little guy and bun-in-the-oven, at least until we sell the house. I am hoping to be home by the first weekend of November.

As for the house, well, for starters, the two rooms we just redecorated were pretty much done for nothing! We will only get to enjoy them for a little while until we sell the house... :-(

We are also not rushing into buying a home so will be living with family for the first several months... AKA, there won't be much going on worthy of blog reporting... Double sad face
:-(  :-(   Of course, I could keep the blog going but share posts from other decorating blogs instead... or transform it into a family slash baby blog instead... we will see!

We have undertaken a massive house purge and finish-up-unfinished-projects to "stage" the house for selling. My parents, in-laws and other family have been helping a lot which we are so thankful for. And with my sister's family only a few kilometres away, I can rely on them to help with Nico and with last-minute favors once Jon leaves, and I may even be moving in with them for a while until the house sells.

So that's my news and that's where we are at! The house officially went up for sale today! Here's a link for your perusal, and a little pic of our very first home which we have loved!

Keep you fingers crossed for a quick and uneventful sale! Until next time, take care!

August 19, 2011

Master Bedroom FINAL reveal {well, for now...}

I've recently tackled a few small projects to accessorize, decorate and complete {somewhat} our newly repainted master bedroom.

First, I touched up my previously messed-up patterns using painters tape on the edge {easy-peasy!}. They went from this:

To this:

And finally, to this:
{Gotta love crisp and clean edges!}

I also hung the metal artwork, that used to hang over our bed, on one of the gray walls. I opted not to hang it over the bed as it didn't work with the stencil, and kind of stole the stencil's thunder! Total cost: 0$ {already owned artwork}.

Second, I created a lamp shade to hide the plain-Jane ceiling fixture:

I purchased a simple drum shade at Wal-Mart and added two rows of different sized ribbon in my plum color using my glue gun.

I cut the three-prong metal hanger as it didn't work with the existing fixture. I cut each prong to leave a length of metal approximately 1" long and hung the shade using tea cup hooks. Result? Simple and as temporary as I want it to be! Total cost: less than 20$!

Then, I hung a mirror over the bed. I purposely hung it lower for the time being until I create my headboard, at which point it may move up a few inches. I also actually determined my placement based on the stencil, as I wanted it to hang in a perfectly balanced spot {not covering one pattern more than another, etc.}. I may end up beefing up the frame using crown moulding, but for now, the size and color work. Total cost: 0$ {already owned mirror}.

I also hung some dark metal hooks on the wall behind the bedroom door: 2 hidden hooks to hang towels, and 2 in-view hooks to hang prettier things. Total cost: $14 {each pair of hooks was $5.99).

Using items from Wal-mart, I created a little decorative vase to add some sparkle. Total cost: about $23 {for vase, Styrofoam balls and sparkles [clearance from Martha-Stewart collection]}.

And finally, following a less-than-10$-trip to Bouclair Home, I purchased a few other accessories on clearance in my color scheme. Total cost: less than $10.

{Those two small light-mauve candle holders were marked down to $.39 each!}

The Befores and Afters

Here is a reminder of where this room started:

Just for the heck of it, here is my inspiration board for this space, so we can see how close my new room is to its inspiration:


Again, here is where I am at with this room's TO-DO list:
-paint walls (focal wall purple, the rest gray)
-stencil focal wall in lighter purple
-paint all trim and closet doors glossy white
-purchase purple quilt set (IKEA)
-add full length curtains
-create artwork to hang over each bed side table using canvases from previous artwork {this is not completed, but I have scratched it as I wouldn't want to take away from my stencil!}
-create / find artwork to hang over dressers {NEW!}
-create diamond tufted or nail head trimmed headboard in gray faux silk
-accessorize with clear, white and plum accents {probably buy inexpensive items and spray paint in desired color}
-add decorative pillows
-update mirror from previous master using molding and paint glossy white; hang over bed
-spray paint lamp bases in yellow and recover or paint existing shades in white
-add area rugs on either side of bed
-purchase white duvet cover set {Bouclair Home}
-new ceiling light fixture or ceiling fan {not sure which option yet}
-dye bed skirt darker gray {currently a greige [gray-beige]}
-hang hooks behind door
-create reading nook with chair and lamp

For the time being, I'm moving along to other projects as I am happy with this room!

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August 10, 2011

Nursery theme confirmed!

Last week, we had an ultrasound and confirmed we are having a BOY!

We were thrilled, as was his Big-brother-to-be!

I was also excited because now I get to move onto planning the little man's nursery! Woo-hoo!

I had previously shared this inspiration board for an owl themed nursery:

However, now that we have recently completed two very moody rooms for the #1 son and ourselves, I am craving a bit more color and brightness for the little one's room. And since apple green is one of my absolute fave colors, why not start with that! Well, not so fast... you see, the carpet in the nursery is a grayish-blue and it is staying...

As much as I don't want to match this blue, I don't want to create a room that will completely clash with it either.

Here are some bedding options that I like and that could potentially work with the existing carpet, along with the colors I would pull from the bedding.

This alphabet bedding had been featured in my inspiration board as I liked the gray and blue walls and the trim detailing. Now, I am selecting it for the actual bedding itself. Of my choices, this is the only bedding that does not actually contain the carpet color {at least not from what I can see on the images}, but I think it could work. It would allow me to pull the apple green for the walls, and use orange as a second accent color, making a lively and bright nursery.

This polka-dot bedding is more muted to me and has no apple green per say, however, there is a green tone in there that could potentially be pulled. Along with red accents,  it could come together nicely with the brown furniture, and the carpet's blue is close to one of the tones in this image.

Although I am not one for certain themes in nurseries {i.e. Noah's arc or very cartoony characters as they are too easy to grow out of or get sick off} I like this animal theme bedding and have seen it used in several nurseries. This bedding's palette is very bi-tonal, sticking to mostly greens and blues, but it would look great with apple green walls and would look less bi-tonal with the brown nursery furniture.

The sort of downside to selecting this option is that the color scheme resembles that of Nico's big boy room:

Don't ask me why but I kind of want to avoid giving both rooms the same colors {maybe because my husband once said that our entire house was all blues...}. However, since the main color in this nursery would be apple green, whereas the main color in Nico's room is a moody blue, it could make them significantly different.

Plus, with this animal theme, I could totally include animal accessories, like this lion nightlight by Jonathan Adler:

And this cardboard elephant "trophy" by Cardboard Safari:

And this giraffe growth chart from this etsy shop:

Even these bird bookends from this etsy shop:

With an animal theme, you can go as crazy or as simple as you want! And the possibilities are endless!

So, I guess we know which bedding is my numero uno, right?

With any bedding, I really like this idea of a cluster of paper lanterns as a mobile, or even hanging 3 or 4 of them in different colors at various heights over the crib:

{Is it just me or does that star look like it could kill someone with a point hanging down like that!?}

And look at all the colors offered by The Paper Lantern Store in my color scheme:

Would be pretty unique, custom and inexpensive!

I am not planning on tackling this room for another month or so, as we have A LOT of purging to do house-wide to make room for this little guy! But at least now you know which direction I am heading in...