February 14, 2011

A crafty girl's tool box

Over the years, I have gathered a collection of tools in my tool box. I have also realised what tools are a necessity for any crafty chick! So, here is what I think are the ultimate crafty girl's tool box must-haves:

A hammer:
No further information required {I hope!}

A heavy duty stapler:
I use the Power Shot. I purchased it many moons ago. It has an ergonomic handle than encourages you to push towards the front, which is easier to use.

A level:
Again, plain and simple enough.

A laser level:
I have the Black & Decker Bullseye Auto-Leveling Laser and I... LOVE... IT!

This includes heavy-duty scissors, regular craft or paper scissors and fabric scissors only to be used for fabric so they stay nice and sharp.

A hot glue gun:
I actually have an el-cheapo one I purchased at Wal-Mart God only knows when. But if it gets hot enough to melt the glue, that's all that counts.

Paint brushes:
A variety of different brushes from foam to minuscule to large paint brushes...

A miter box and saw:
These I bought in a kit at Home Depot a few years back. It is perfect for smaller craft projects. If I were to build say, a big piece of furniture, than I would need a power tool. But, for craft projects, it is prefect.

Last but not least... and best of all...

A power drill {cue Tim The Tool Man Taylor's manly growl...} :
A De Walt 18V drill. One of my loves. I have also called it my best friend... He he he!

So that's it! Of course, I have way more tools than are included in this list, but these are the basic must-haves.


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