February 13, 2011

An easy project

As promised, here is a first post. A craft and decorating project I have loved to make for many years is creating custom artwork using canvases. The project literally starts with a blank canvas! Any size, and any multitude of them. You can create a large one or a group of smaller ones... the possibilities are endless.

Today, I made a grouping of four canvases: two smaller ones and two larger ones. To decorate them, I used gift wrapping paper that I've had lying around for a few years. It was a roll in a color combination and print that I loved, so I bought it probably two years ago, not knowing what I would do with it. Of course, since then, I have used it to actually wrap gifts. But, today, I put it on display in my main living space.

Here is an easy step-by-step.

First, start with canvases:

Then, cut out whatever it is that you have selected to cover it, making sure to leave about 2" all around in order to have enough excess to completely wrap around every side.

Next, to wrap it, use a heavy duty stapler {one of my must-have crafty girl's tools!} and wrap the canvas kind of like you would a gift. It is best to start with a staple in the center of each side. For corners, fold them carefully, literally as you would a gift:

Then hang and VOILÀ!

I absolutely LOVE using this technique! Watch for an upcoming post that will show several ways that I have used canvases to decorate my home!

This particular project cost me, well, nothing! I used canvases and wrapping paper I already had lying around. However, starting this project from scratch can easily be done for less than 10$. A tip: you can buy canvases at the dollar store! The roll of wrapping paper was probably about 5$ when I bought it. And each canvas from the dollar store would have been 1.25$ to 2$ each. Talk about bang for your buck! Big impact for little cash! My kind of decorating!


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