February 21, 2011

Home purge To-Do list

In early January, I needed to reorganize the space under the kitchen sink in order to accommodate our new composting bin, since we realised that we were now kind of being "forced" to compost as the garbage would only be collected bi-weekly {which is good because I was just putting it off}. Between the garbage bin, the recycling bin and now the composting bin, I had NO room. Plus, I had a bunch of cleaning supplies hiding under there that either a) we no longer used or needed, b) were pretty much empty or c) were totally in the wrong spot {AKA should have been in the laundry room}.

After a quick trip to Wal-Mart where I picked up a few organizing supplies {a bin, a hanging wire organizer and a 2-shelf wire organizer for a total of less then 20$} I cleared out the space and wiped it extra clean {under-the-sink areas always seem extra icky to me}. I sorted through the cleaning supplies to purge whatever was not necessary. I was left with a small bin of selected products. Then, I tried several configurations to make everything fit. However, with the addition of two bins {the cleaning product bin and now the composting bin} something had to go! So, the recycling bin found a new home in another cabinet. I hung the composting bin on the inside of one door, the wire organizer inside the other door and placed the rest oh-so neatly.

Well, I was so pleased with the result {I know, how boring, call me weird!} that I felt inspired to purge everything in the house! Thus was born my "2011 Home Purge" list. These are areas that I would love to purge during my {pre-} spring-cleaning.

I will be sharing B & A's {before and after} as I go, cause to me, the reveals are the BEST part of organizing!

Here is THE list:

2011 Home Purge

CLOTHES: All clothing {all seasons} using rule {if not worn within last year or last season item was out: it goes!} GOAL: store all seasons of clothing in closet and in one dresser.

COATS/JACKETS: purge what is no longer useful or doesn’t fit.

KITCHEN PANTRY: organize by categories; purge older stuff; use existing
baskets/boxes to keep like things together; label shelves.

SPICES OVER STOVE: purge what’s old, use box for misc-sized containers.

JUNK DRESSER: should leave drawer for phone book, pens, cheque books, etc.; drawer
for table cloths and current catalogues; drawer for Nico's craft supplies; other drawer
could be all candles, frames, decor items, etc. {my “Decor Store”}.

GUEST BEDROOM: make it a functional and pretty space.

GUEST ROOM CLOSET: strengthen clothes rod; purge and organize contents that will

CLOSET IN BASEMENT REC ROOM: keep bottom clear for bigger toys; organize the
rest of contents; strengthen shelves.
  Top shelf left: games
  Top shelf right: extra blankets
  Middle shelf left: filing, computer stuff
  Middle shelf right: wrapping center, sewing machine

UPSTAIRS WASHROOM: purge drawers and cabinets.

LAUNDRY ROOM: purge storage shelves and re-organize.

LINEN CLOSET: purge cosmetic products to reduce to one basket and only reserve one
shelf for those products; organize linens {store bed linens in appropriate room}.

BASEMENT WASHROOM CABINET: store bulk supplies (paper towel, toilet paper,
facial tissue). Hang hooks behind door for guest towels.

NICO’S CLOSET: organize boxes of clothing, create storage for bigger toys.

Stay tuned for development... Do you think I can get it all done {eventually}?


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