February 28, 2011

Update on 2011 Home Purge

I have been purging like it is my duty and full-time job! Oh, but does it ever feel good! The only downside of it is that, since regular garbage is only collected every other week, and we are limited to only a few bags each time, I'm not getting rid of the full garbage bags and purge items as quickly as I would like.

So far, I have donated 2 full bags of clothes and jackets, and thrown out 4 full garbage bags of junk! I know: RIDICULOUS right?

This weekend, I tackled the guest bedroom, which I thought I would not get to for a while... It started because I was looking for our wedding guestbook notes. {Side note: I did not want a traditional guestbook because I thought "When will I ever look at that?" so instead I left a basket and pre-cut square white papers for guests to sign and/or leave notes and anecdotes, with a DIY sign explaining the details. My intention was to make a craft or home decoration to display the notes.}

Nico was coloring dinosaurs so I thought I would craft right along with him. I had already purchased two rectangular canvases for this particular craft, as well as a black chandelier decal for the day when I would feel like tackling this project. I knew I had recently seen my wedding guestbook notes while purging another area of the house. The question now was: where did I put them? Since the guest bedroom has been our dumping ground {well, MY dumping ground according to Jon} for things that have no "home", I assumed that I had put them somewhere in that room. I started digging around, lifting things, shifting things, and could not find them {I did find something else that I had been looking for earlier in the week though}. So, I decided that there was no better time then 9:30 on a Saturday morning to start, or rather keep, purging away.

After an hour and a half, and help from my little monkey man, well, help... if you can call him jumping on the bed, and stepping on things when I told him not to, and playing with the elliptical trainer like if it was a horse, helping! Oh, and Jon helped for a whole, I don't know, 5 seconds, when I asked him "Do any of these jackets still fit you?" Anyhow, after an hour and a half, I had a bag full of jackets to donate, half a garbage bag full of well, garbage, and an organized shelving unit displaying my Decor Store {AKA, a place where any currently unused baskets, frames, candles, decorations, as well as items for yet-to-be-tackled crafts}). At least I thought that my Decor Store corner looked organized, Jon kind of said "Well, at least we only have that corner left to clean up". Our guest bedroom is now a functional room. Look for Before and After photos in a bit.

Oh, and I also tackled the linen closet while sitting on the floor in my living room. So look for photos of those Befores and Afters shortly.

So, where am I at with my 2011 Home Purge list? Here is an update:

2011 Home Purge

CLOTHES: All clothing (all seasons) using rule (if not worn within last year or last season
item was out: it goes!) GOAL: store all seasons of clothing in closet and in one dresser.

COATS/JACKETS: purge what is no longer useful or doesn’t fit.

KITCHEN PANTRY: organize by categories; purge older stuff; use existing
baskets/boxes to keep like things together; label shelves.

SPICES OVER STOVE: purge what’s old, use box for misc-sized containers.

JUNK DRESSER: should leave drawer for phone book, pens, cheque books, etc.; drawer
for table cloths and current catalogues; drawer for Nico's craft supplies; other drawer
could be all candles, frames, decor items, etc. (my “Decor Store”).

GUEST BEDROOM: make it a functional and pretty space.

GUEST ROOM CLOSET: strengthen clothes rod; purge and organize contents that will

CLOSET IN BASEMENT REC ROOM: keep bottom clear for bigger toys; organize the
rest of contents; strengthen shelves.
  Top shelf left: games
  Top shelf right: extra blankets
  Middle shelf left: filing, computer stuff
  Middle shelf right: wrapping center, sewing machine

UPSTAIRS WASHROOM: purge drawers and cabinets

LAUNDRY ROOM: purge storage shelves and re-organize

LINEN CLOSET: purge cosmetic products to reduce to one basket and only reserve one
shelf for those products; organize linens (store bed linens in appropriate room)

BASEMENT WASHROOM CABINET: store bulk supplies (paper towel, toilet paper,
facial tissue). Hang hooks behind door for guest towels.

NICO’S CLOSET: organize boxes of clothing, create storage for bigger toys.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. I consider 3/4s of the remaining areas some of the hardest, especially the laundry room. I have bought storage boxes at IKEA this weekend to encourage myself to tackle it. But it is a huge job and Jon will actually need to help me with that one. That and Nico's closet. It baffles me how much clothes a kid can go through in less than three years, and I have yet to figure out how to organize it properly. Sort of still waiting for a light-bulb moment for that area. Of course, I am keeping every single piece of clothing in case we have another boy. Plus, I took home three or four boxes of girl's clothes that my sister was getting rid of, you know, just in case we have a girl next time, which Jon was so annoyed about, his comment was "we don't have room for that" to which I responded "it's all stuff we won't have to spend money on". Yeah, I know how my man's brain works! Hi hi hi!

So, I'll keep you posted as my purging keeps going.


  1. Beautifully done blog, Mylene.You're a natural! Love all your decluttering; I've been doing the same...isn't it shocking, what we actually keep? Looking forward to reading all your home/style adventures.

  2. I've slowly been tackling that as well! Recently went thru our bedroom closet which still had unpacked boxes from the Family Reunion in August! I feel so much better now every time I get dressed! No more constant reminder of being too tired to organize it!! Other thing to check of my To Do List: organized all the kid toys (for the kids I don't have!!) in my craft room closet, separating the toys by age and gender and using bins from IKEA! Can't wait for the kids to come over!!