February 20, 2011

Wall gallery

Since we moved in two and some years ago, I haven't done much when it comes to re-painting each room. When we moved in, I was almost 9 months pregnant. So, my energy level was low and my interest in re-painting the whole house was non-existent. The colors were not my favorite, but it was in move-in condition. Even though I have added my "Mylène" touch to each room, I have not re-painted many spaces. Our two full baths are blue in color scheme, both with grey undertones. My upstairs bathroom is quite large but lacked any "real" decor. In my mind, the best way to inject color and style in a washroom is to add a shower curtain and go from there. Easy enough, right? Well, my shower looks like this:

Kind of ridiculous to add a shower curtain around that, don't you think? And my separate tub? Looks like this:
{Gag to the flower tiles!}

So, I thought to myself "Self, how else can you inject color in the form of fabric in this room?" My almost immediate answer was using by far one of my favorite decorating methods: covering a canvas {as demonstrated in this previous post using wrapping paper}. This idea also stemmed from a gorgeous fabric I had seen during a trip to Fabricland {or Fabricville as we call it in the lil' province of Quebec} with my sister-in-law. It had blues and greys and was a large floral print:
Isn't she pretty?

So, this was my starting off point. From there, I chose a few other prints in the form of scrapbooking papers at Michaels, as well as one piece of cut-out, swirly paper I had lying around from DeSerres:

Kind of Sarah-Richardson-ish, don't you think? Moving on...

I made a trip to my favorite dollar store to purchase a few different white frames. Combined with a few frames I had lying around the house, I added a few pieces of DIY washroom-related artwork I already had in the washroom, and I started building my gallery. This is the part I found a little difficult. You see, I was looking to make a gallery of mismatched frames and forms that still looked balanced. Well, I am a VERY symmetrical girl. I normally love this type of gallery to be a mirror image of itself when you split it down the middle. But, for more interest, I chose to go the less symmerical route. After many attempts of switching things around, I found a arrangement that worked. Once everything was up, I felt that it lacked a bit of color. So, I rummaged around and found a cheap IKEA frame from decor that used to live in our apartment washroom. I whipped out my paintbrush and acrylic paint that I had bought while at DeSerres basically because it matched my fabric and not quite knowing what I would eventually paint with it.

My gallery is now complete and looks like this:

I am QUITE pleased with the whole look! It instantly added color and texture to my otherwise boring and lack-luster washroom. Now that I have this starting point, I will be adding some fresh new towels, re-vamping a few things that are already living in the washroom, and I may even add a gorgeous and girly chandelier over the bath. For now, I am quite happy to have transformed this major wall in the bathroom from this:

To this!

See my other post for how I made the swirly letter.

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  1. Very pretty! It does look Sarah Richardsonish. Great job. And Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party!