March 17, 2011

Basement Inspiration Board

Our basement has a very good sized family room. It currently has one "end" for entertainment and the other "end" for Nico's toys. Then, somewhere in the middle is my (new) computer desk. Eventually, once Nico moves into his big boy room (hopefully sooner rather than later) all of his toys or at least 95% of them will move to his room as well. his current room is just too small. Along with this change, I want to better define my desk area with an area rug and use the entire space to its full potential.

Without further ado, here is my inspiration board for the basement family room:

Here is the floor plan:

Keep in mind that the entire basement is currently painted a warm beige with crisp white trim. Although the inspiration board may seem drab and dark, it would not actually feel that way. I would also add a tonne of decor and accents in the white entertainment unit to inject more color and life. I also currently have a lot of colorful artwork and display that would remain in the space, as shown here:

Another thought or maybe a wish that I have for the space is to create another little sitting area, maybe with a big comfy chair and ottoman, or a plush chaise lounge in the corner where the toy box is on the floor plan. It could be a little reading nook with its own lamp and table.

All I know for sure is that I can't wait for the snow to melt and the warm weather to arrive, cause my son and husband currently play soccer and hockey in the basement and they have come close to hitting or have actually hit me while I work / play at my desk... That will become a new rule with the warmer weather and a slightly older child: no more sports in the house!

Now, all this inspiration is great, but it comes with the biggest price tag as most of the furniture, with the exception of my desk and the television, would have to be purchased. So, this room will be at the end of our "home to-do list". But inspiration also equals motivation to save the pennies for such projects. In the mean time, I get to complete smaller projects. After all, that's life, right?


  1. Im re-decorating my room in like a rock or punk sorta way. Painting isnt an option but I've got posters and that, but anymore ideas to help?

  2. Hi! I am a huge fan of the canvas! Because you can choose to recover it with fabric, wallpaper, scrap booking paper, etc. and it can be painted or mod-podged... really, the options are endless! If you cannot paint your walls, buying larger canvases and refinishing them can really add color and style to a space. Another nice option with a larger canvas is that you can stand in on the floor or a surface (table, shelf) and simply lean it against the wall if hanging is not an option.

    To add more interest and reflect other colored items in the space, you could also lean tall mirrors.

    Finally, even if your walls are white, adding colored accessories will add style. Don't shy away from vases, pillows, throws, painted furniture (side tables, dressers) even a wall gallery of empty picture frames that have been painted in different colors will inject a ton of color and style! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You'll be sure to show your style!

    Hope that helps!