March 16, 2011

Blog Land is a wonderful place

In the last month or so since I started blogging, I have been super inspired to tackle so many projects, big and small, all over the house. After a week or two, I actually had to take a step back and determine a "blog plan" for myself. You see, before even starting my blog, I had decided that I wanted to post at least one entry each week. I brainstormed for ideas of existing and future projects that I could write about. Next thing I knew, I had over a year's worth of weekly blog topics!

One day, while browsing my fellow-bloggers' posts, I actually felt overwhelmed by the amount of crafty and DIY inspirations out there. I kept feeling that "I have to do that too" or "I have to remember this project". I totally got ahead of myself... The dangers of being overly excited and inspired is that I started planning too many projects at once, having difficulty sleeping or concentrating on anything else because my mind would not shut down as it was just bursting with ideas...!!! And I caught myself buying supplies for future projects before even finishing current projects...

Now, just over a month in, I feel just as inspired, but also controlled and at piece with the idea of it all. I have also discovered the amazing fun of "link parties". You may have noticed that a few of my posts have "buttons" at the end, indicating that my post has been linked to another blog. Well, these blog link parties are filled with inspiration! At the same time, it allows me to discover new blogs that I can follow. Plus, I know that I can literally blog forever, and whenever I run out of ideas for current projects, I can easily find ideas on other blogs, which is quite amazing as the possibilities are actually endless.

The reality for me is that, being creative is who I am. I can't live without releasing and expressing my creative self and sharing my results with others. And, I have always loved writing in journals. Even if no one really reads it, this blog is first and foremost for me. In this blog, I find the encouragement and motivation to do something that I REALLY love! There is a form of freedom that comes with having your own blog. You get to write pretty much what you want about whatever you want!

So, as part of my blog plan, here are...

My blog rules goals:
1) one post every week (at minimum)
2) one project at a time
3) projects must be thrifty and inexpensive (which is quite natural for me as I am CHEAP!)
4) follow and link up to other blogs
5) be true to myself!

This is me, and this is MY blog! And I am loving every minute of it!


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