March 1, 2011

i HEART damask!

Hello, my name is Mylène, and I am a DAMASK-aholic!
I have a confession to make: I LOVE damask! I discovered this addiction when I started thinking of ideas for a theme for my recent wedding. I fell in love with this beautiful print instantly... And the more I searched, the more I found it. It doesn't only come in different sizes and patterns, but in gorgeous color combinations!

For my wedding, I stuck with the classic Black & White damask. I used some black and white damask fabric {exactly the pattern above} to wrap the stems of my DIY bouquets, and the groom's and ring bearer's {aka our son's} ties were also made with this damask fabric, purchased on Etsy. The rest of the decor and wedding paraphernalia simply needed to match or add to these damask touches, hence came my decision to have black details on my wedding dress {see this page for more details and pictures about the wedding}. Well, since my new-found obsession addiction interest in this pattern, I have gone a little damask-crazy. I am actually surprised that this pattern has not popped up on any furniture in my house... yet.

To give you an idea of how deep my love goes, here are the damask inspired items I currently own:

-Storage boxes in bedroom closet: IKEA {purchased years ago... the start of my relationship with damask maybe?}

-Pendants: one was a gift from my sister Janelle, the other I bought myself

-Ring: Etsy

-Wallet: Etsy

-Push-pins at the office: Wal-Mart

-Reusable bag: Benix

-USB key: {I sad. But it is my electronic wedding album as it contains all the pictures from the wedding! So there is a reason for some of my madness!}

-Craft: painted tone-on-tone canvases with damask stencil {made the damask stencil myself using cardboard and the pattern I borrowed from the IKEA storage boxes above!}

-Make-up bag: Wal-Mart

-Notebook: Wal-Mart {this is actually my blog notebook}

-Document tray: Solutions {love this store!}

-Photo boxes: Michaels {they were $2 each... again, I could not resist}

-Area rugs in kitchen: Wal-Mart

-Place mats: Dollorama {I found these today and could not resist! They are also the reason for this confession post as I could not walk away from them... they were 2 for $1!}

-Magnets: Dollorama

-Napkins: Dollorama

Even the following items may not be damask exactly, but pretty close...

-Small adhesive mirrors in upstairs washroom: Bed, Bath and Beyond

-T-shirt: Sears

-Pillow in living room: Fabricland

Heck, even the tissue box in my kitchen has damask on it!

And you thought I was exaggerating...

A sad part of all this? I have actually been trying to resist all damask! I am not doing so well, aren't I? And another sad part, when I showed the place mats to Jon this evening, he said {sarcastically of course} "Oh my God, it's like damask!"

If I have a baby girl next time around, you can bet everything you own that... her name will be Damask. Ha ha ha! So not true... But the nursery will definitely be covered in damask. I'm thinking black, white and pink, or black, white and yellow, or pink and chocolate brown, or I could stick to my tried-and-true scheme of black and white with apple green as I used for the wedding. Who knows...

Now, before you organize an intervention, a good part of my problem? I could be addicted to something far worst than damask... I think I'll give myself a break and keep lovin' everything about this whimsical, classy and glamorous pattern. Although I am not ready to cover my sofa in damask just yet, I would love to add pillows and maybe an ottoman in this favorite pattern... we'll see.

After posting this initially, I was surfing online for damask bedding as Jon and I will be redoing our bedroom when we move to the basement bedroom and give our room to Nico as his big boy room... Want to drive a girl like me absolutely nuts? Come up with stuff like this with a damask pattern and ask me to control myself:
Luggage Would I not look glamorous going on my business trips carrying these beauties?
Place mats It even makes country rooster place mats look good!
i-Phone case Too bad I don't have an i-Phone

And the "pièce de résistance"?
Appliance art I am NOT EVEN JOKING! This really exists but I don't want it.

Ah well, after all that, I still LOVE damask!


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