March 21, 2011

Look what I found...

Ah yes, I am really starting to love second-hand furniture hunting... I found yet another deal, this time on Kijiji Ottawa. I have been looking for a perfectly sized TV armoire for our main floor family room probably since we first moved in almost three years ago. Well, for $50, I found one that is just the right size.

It's just to say 5' tall (perfect Mylène size!) and is perfectly suited for my sweet 22" LCD TV! It is in pretty decent condition! Of course, it has a few dings here and there, and a few pieces for the drawer hardware may need to be replaced. But overall, it is in good condition! Although Jon and I like the warmth of the current color, the dings and dents that it does have are obvious, so refinishing is in order. I will also be adjusting the height of the shelf to fit the TV.

At first, I was thinking semi-gloss black with brushed satin tear drop or ring pulls to give it a more contemporary look, get it away from the country feel and match it to the two end tables I currently have in the space which are black. But I am afraid painting it dark will make it feel just that: dark! And it would probably also make it the focal point of the entire room, which I don't necessarily want. So, I am thinking I want to finish it in a warm grey wash, sort of like this:
It should only take a light sanding and one thin coat of paint, and then a protective matte finish clear coat. I want to be able to see the grain and the knots, and similar to the above piece, I would also pair it with black hardware (mine will be a little fancier though, or at least not as boring!). Where I am currently torn is if I am keeping the doors on or taking them off. If they stay on, they would remain open 90% of the time as I could only see myself closing them when we have company and even then, I don't feel it would be necessary to close them. Plus, in it's future home which is a corner on an angle, and since the doors don't fold all the way back and out of the way, the doors would hit a wall on one side and a lamp shade on the other... yeah, not very esthetically pleasing! If I take them off all together, I could line the back with a patterned paper or fabric which would add some pattern. So, of course, I am leaning towards taking them off. Ideally, I would love for them to slide inwards and vanish when open because I do like the idea of being able to keep the TV behind closed doors if I ever want to. Lee Valley sells the hardware to do it, but I would have to trim the doors which is what I am not sure of and quite uncomfortable with.

So, we'll see. I'm not ready to paint yet in any case. Plus, my father-in-law is coming next week to install my new kitchen floor (TEASER WARNING! PHOTOS TO COME!) so I may ask him to help me reconfigure the doors since he is bringing his tools already (gotta love Dads and Dads-in-law for that!).

Stay tuned!


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