March 4, 2011

Master bedroom

In the following months, our master bedroom will be moving to... the basement! I know it sounds awful. However, in our bungalow, we have two bedrooms on the main floor, and a bedroom and office in the basement. We want Nico to have our current master bedroom because it is much larger than his current tiny bedroom. The main reason why I want him to have a larger bedroom is so that it can also be his play room, aka the majority of his toys would be in his room instead of all over the house, which I hate! I may be a mom but I don't want my house to scream KIDS. Plus, when we eventually have another child, we would rather have both kids' bedrooms on the main floor and ours in the basement (that way we can hear them when they get out of bed...) A few sort of added bonuses for this switching of rooms is that a) the basement bedroom is pretty much the same size as the master bedroom upstairs, so we won't be losing any space, and b) the basement bedroom is currently a blank canvas! Which means I get to decide my decor from scratch. Therefore, may I introduce to you, my Master Bedroom Inspiration Board:

I'm "feeling" greys and purples, with small hits of creamy buttery yellow. I want to make a diamond tufted headboard myself, as well as hopefully find some thrifty lamps and decorating items that I can revamp in my desired accent colors. I would love to do a purple focal wall with a tone-on-tone stencil. My idea is also to keep the actual bedding fairly neutral (hence the white duvet cover) and then add a colored quilt at the foot of the bed and other colorful pillows. I am the kind of girl who easily gets tired of decor, in a year a two, once I'm sick of the color purple (ha ha), I can easily repaint one wall and switch accent bedding, as opposed to buying a whole new bed set... 

I also want to tackle changing the light fixtures, which I have never done. And my dream come true, mind you we probably do not have enough room, would be to have a reading nook with a comfortable chaise. Doesn't that just scream relax to you?

The only window in the entire room is teeny-tiny (of course) and so not centered in the wall. I would hang floor to ceiling curtains, most likely on the entire wall, to hide or fix that.

I have created two floor plan options, mind you, I am sure my scale is completely off, but it is to give you an idea of my furniture placement.

Here is Option 1:

And Option 2:

I am hoping to start this project in the next month or two. Of course, it won't all be done at once. We currently have the King bed, the two white dressers, the two bedside tables and the jewellery cabinet. We have other accessories however they will need to be changed or refinished. The rest (i.e. pillows, rug, bench, curtains), I will start hunting for bargains and saving my pennies. So, stay tuned.

Ooh, and I will also be creating an inspiration board for Nico's Big Boy room soon and will post as soon as I have it.


  1. Love your Inspiration Board! The colors are so cool and hip yet sophisticated too. And I love the chaise. I want one like that for my bedroom too.

  2. What a lovely design board! It's going to be a knockout! Will you send me pics when you finish?