March 9, 2011

Nico's Big Boy Room

I enjoyed making the inspiration board for our master bedroom so much, that I immediately turned around and started my inspiration board and floor plan for Nico's big boy room. I am quite excited to get these two rooms underway because we have been s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g with Nico who refuses to sleep in his own bed, and the whole family-bed / co-sleeping arrangement is just not working for us anymore... we are pooped!

Anyhow, back to Nico's big boy room. So, to briefly explain the switcheroo, our master will be moving into the current basement guest bedroom. In turn, Nico will get our current master with the queen size bed from the guestroom for his new big boy room. Get the gist? Before we can even think of moving Nico, we have to move ourselves out of the current master... It will be a long-ish process. But I can tell you that I have paint swatches on the wall in our new master, and when I showed them to Jon, he almost seemed willing to start painting that day! Sweet! So, he's on board!

Nico's current room is sweet, but, well, quite boring. When we moved in almost three years ago, his room had beige walls and blue carpet, which was quite suitable for a baby boy nursery. So, it stuck. I added some dark wood accents to match the crib, change table and rocking chair, and created some photo galleries and a few DIY decorating pieces.

It looked like this:

Ah! Look at how cute and tiny he was! My Mom made the curtains and matching bedskirt, the polka-dot bed sheet and the quilt on the wall. Obviously, his room has "grown" a bit since them. He now has a white single bed with drawers and a head board, that my Dad built for my niece Emma, and that we had been storing for my sister because they were not using it. The bed will be going back to them shortly for their son, Mathéo, who is Nico's age, at which point Nico will be upgrading to the queen bed.

Well, I am tired of beige and blue (that and Jon recently made the comment that our entire main floor, if not our entire house has a mostly blue color scheme... and he's right!). I want to add color... make that colors! Considering that Nico's big boy room will also become his play room, 1) because it is MASSIVE and 2) because I don't want toys all over the house anymore. I want his room to be kid friendly, bright and be able to grow with him.

Without further ado, here is my inspiration board:

You can't tell me you don't absolutely adore the moose accessories! So Northern-Ontario!

Here is the floor plan:

The only thing that will probably not get done immediately in his room is the built-ins. I would love to make them myself, but I lack the tools and experience. So, I would definitely need one of my Dads (well, Dad or Dad-in-law) to come help me with that when the time comes. But we'll see. If I do attempt them myself, I would definitely not make them from scratch. I may buy plain book shelves and add trim to make them look built-in. Then build the bench in between (I have ALWAYS wanted a window bench! ALWAYS!).

I can't wait to bring Nico with me to select paint swatches and I so look forward to the day when we can go to IKEA and purchase his things. In the meantime, we will continue trying to bribe him to sleep in his dull bedroom... Can't really blame the poor kid.

FUTURE POST TEASER: I made a few projects and finished my new/old desk last weekend, so will be posting those this week...

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  1. Oh! I like the color scheme! So Nico! Do you have a special program to make your inspiration boards??

  2. Janelle, I actually use MicroSoft Word! It is not to scale, but it is pretty darn close. Until I find a program that enables me to achieve the same result to scale, I'm going to stick to MS Word!