March 19, 2011

The second and final reveal

One of my first posts and my first official "blog" projects was a second-hand desk that I found through Craigslist for $50. After painting it glossy white and changing the hardware, I still was not in love with the finished product. You can read all the details in this previous post. I had a few other things I wanted to try to see if it would enhance the area before starting over from scratch. Well, the desk is now done...

First, I added a few coats of glossy clear varnish so that it really looked finished. I ended up painting the "F-A-M-I-L-L-E" letters above the photo gallery in white. I also (finally) filled the frames with black and white pictures of people I actually knew. Finally, I polished the shiny chrome 1" high legs or feet, and put them in place. It added that little bit of extra height to balance out the proportions.

The Befores and Afters


Here is the first reveal again:


But the whole look was not perfect to me.

And here is the finished product:


Here, you see the bit of extra height added by the little "feet".

As you can see in this next picture, I paired two of the damask placemats from Dollorama that I bought for 2-for-$1 as a landing pad for my laptop. They also add a bit more interest to the large all-white surface.

I added a lamp that I had lying around with an old IKEA lampshade that I bought several years ago. The colors match and the design is just girly enough. It will do for now and at least provides some task light to an otherwise quite dark basement corner.

I took four other damask placemats to line the two drawers. Because they are made of plastic, they will be easy to whipe off and will avoid damaging the drawers themselves. I secured them down using sticky poster gum.

I'm sure to many of you, it may not seem all that different. But, to me, the entire area just feels more complete. I still want to recover the computer chair in a fabric to add more color and re-enforce the color scheme. But for now, I LOVE it! My favorite part of the desk, besides its ginormous-ness, is by far the crystal knobs. Still love those babies!

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  1. The white "famille" looks much better. The whole area looks fantastic and finished. Good job!