March 17, 2011

Tips, Tricks & Tools

I ain't no genius, but I have a few tricks that I've discovered along the way or learned from fellow blogger that I must share.

Power screw driver:
Before receiving a gorgeous DeWalt power drill for our wedding (which has since become my second child!) we used an el-cheapo rechargeable battery- powered screw driver. Sure, it seems lazy, but can I tell you that that 10$ power tool saved us at least an hour when assembling a baby crib? Sure, we would have had ripped arms (or just really sore arms) after the assembly was done, but we just loved that thing and it made the job a breeze! I even used it to drill a few holes in the wall (although it is really not what it is intended for... he he he!) It is a must have in any DIY-sister's tool box.

Command products by 3M (
Easy to use and won't damage the walls. Most recently, I love the Velcro products. I've hung many light-weight pieces on walls using it and love the results!

Sticky poster gum:You know, that sticky, gum-textured stuff? I place a teeny-tiny bit under a corner of pretty much every piece I hang when I don't want it to move (either with the slamming of the house door, or by every day life). Plus, can also be used to hang your smallest, lightest pieces. And (love this hint!) it you have something like a pedestal with a candle that you are afraid may get knocked over, stick a piece of this magic stuff underneath to secure it in place.

Bed skirt pins (link):
I know, I know... it seems ridiculous, but such a small thing can make a gorgeous finish! It holds the bed skirt in place that it floats just oh so right off the floor!

Duvet cover clips (link):
Again, sounds ridiculous, but adds to the "together" look of your bedroom by keeping your duvet perfectly placed inside its cover (without you having to fight with it).

Baskets, Boxes and Bins, Oh my!:
There are so many uses for any basket, box or bin you can find. Use them to organize just about any space: home office, washroom, craft station, make-up drawer, under-the-kitchen-sink cleaning products, bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, linen closet, underwear drawer, etc. etc. etc. ... And you can use any type, shape or form of these organization wonders! My clever sister even used an empty diaper box, which is quite sturdy and has handles, and recovered it with leftover fabric to use as a place to organize things in her bedroom closet. Pure genius she is! Basically, these three B's can be your home's best friends to keep it neat and organized.


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