April 13, 2011

Armoire amore: In between Before and After

In this previous post, I showed you an awesome find and gave hints as to my ideas for it.


While my F-in-L was here {see this post for the details} I borrowed his {awesome} DeWalt hand sander and gave her a good sanding. I bought a quart of warm grey, water based, eggshell finish paint with primer already mixed in. All it took was one coat to achieve the look I wanted...


I already LOVE the {almost} finished look of the armoire which now houses the television and its components in our main floor family room.

It's not finished yet, but I consider these types of projects to be a sit-back-for-a-day-or-two-before-moving-to-the-next-step process, in order to be 100 % sure of where I'm going.

I definitely want to am thinking of distressing the edges as I want to give it more of a shabby-chic look. I also have the shelf to add above the television, but before doing so, I want to cover the back with either fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper, and I would also cover the shelf in the same material. So, now I am on the hunt for something with pattern that is tone-on-tone and muted enough so as not to steal the show. I have found these fabrics on a Canadian online fabric store called Tonic Living:

Damask {are you really surprised?) for a more glamorous and classic look {in which case I would not distress it and would select a hardware to match the feminine and "pretty" feel}:

Fun and swirly:

Fresh and current, but I am afraid I would get sick of such a "specific" pattern, and the color is not quite right... too "cold":

A little bit of blue?

Simple, matches all styles:

As you see, I am quite undecided... but just the fact that I added more description to the damask fabric tells me I'm leaning towards that type of pattern and overall look {again, are you surprised?}.

For the time being, I have spray-painted the current knobs in glossy black to see how that would look, but I am not completely sold on the black or the size of them. 
I keep imagining a fancy and feminine knob like these from Anthropologie:

{This one would go really well with the damask fabric, probably in black}.

Or even a pull such as this one from Lee Valley Tools:

Again, quite varied in my styles and my selection will depend on the pattern of the background...

Finally, I may put the doors back to allow for the option of closing the armoire when entertaining, however I need to find brackets that will allow the doors to swing back completely, as the brackets that came-with do not allow that function. I have found a few options, also from Lee Valley Tools, that may work, but I won't know until I see them in person and am able to manipulate them.

So, that is where I currently am with this armoire-in-progress. In this in-between-Before-and-After stage, I am making the best of it. No matter its stage, it already has added a lot to the living room.


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