April 16, 2011

Armoire reveal!

So, here's the story! Before I even got around to posting my between-Before-and-After armoire post, I had actually already finished the armoire! Sneaky, sneaky... but I did not want to waste my post which showed you my thoughts and those gorgeous fabric options... so I posted it anyways.

I trekked over to my fave dollar store to find some el-cheapo material to make oh-so-sweet Easter decorations (to come...). While going up and down the aisles, something caught my eye... it had a quite beautiful and whimsy pattern.....

You guessed it, self-adhesive shelf and drawer liner! At $2 a pop, I knew the price was more than right! And the design on it incorporated a light chocolate color and a silver color, and it was just muted enough that I knew it would work perfectly. I grabbed a roll, kept going up and down the aisles, then thought "There weren't that many rolls, and that little old Lady behind me was watching me grab them..." Fearful that I would not have enough with one roll {and really, what was I thinking with only one roll, at that price!} I turned around and headed back towards that aisle. Of course Lil' Granny was looking in the same shelf, but I managed to grab, what I am pretty sure, was the last roll in that pattern.

After dinner, I took out the TV and thought I would try applying it. I have worked with this product before and remembered that it was difficult to achieve a smooth finish. Above that, the backing of the armoire itself was pretty rough and had two really bad areas that were far from smooth.

I measured out my first piece, then measured out my second piece, making sure to match the pattern. I slowly applied the first piece as best as I could, knowing full well that I would never achieve a perfectly smooth application due to the nastiness of the back board itself. I then applied the second piece. And I also ended up having to add a little strip to fill a tiny gap. In the end, it was actually very difficult to see where the bad areas were, and I also knew the TV would cover up most of it, so I decided not to worry my little head with trying to achieve perfection.

Cute right?

My next step was to cover the shelf. Again, I measured and cut my two pieces. The first piece went on really well, almost perfectly smooth. The second piece? Well, not so much! But the most visible parts were smooth.

I then covered the little 1" x 1" wooden brackets that support the shelf and nailed them into place. Finally, I placed the shelf in its spot, put my TV, tiny cable box and my stereo in place, and stepped back for my final reveal...

The Befores and Afters





I... LOVE... IT!

And what I have noticed is that a) I actually don't mind the look of the black knobs... and b) I also don't mind the look without the doors. My little treasure of an armoire will stay this way for as long as I want. Mind you, with this paper in place, I now feel that hardware such as this {from Lee Valley Tools} might eventually be in order:

In matte black bronze,
 Or in satin chrome.

My current armoire makeover total is $75.00 taxes included:
-the armoire was $50
-the quart of paint was $20
-the paper was $5
-any other material used, I already had on hand {sander, wood filler, nails).

Adding new hardware (which I don't think is absolutely necessary for the time being) would add $30 to that total!

To reiterate my previous posts title, armoire amore! It is oh so perfect in my living room!

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