April 13, 2011

Best part of Blog Land!

There are more than one awesome reason why I love blogging! First, I get to write about what I want and when I want. Second, it is a creative outlet for me as I am happiest when I am allowed and encouraged to be creative. Next, and I expressed this to you all last week, you get to peek in other people's homes! And without guilt {or criminal charges for that matter}. But the reason I explored today, and the inspiration for this post is that, in Blog Land, you can change your mind whenever you want! I am sure by now you have noticed the "wardrobe" change at A Sister's Home. And what did it cost me? Zero. Zilch. Nada. {I bet Jon wishes I could say the same about my more literal wardrobe upgrades...}.

I liked the design I previously had, which was from Blogaholic Designs. However, lately, I felt it needed a pick-me-up. It was starting to feel too drab. In a few moments of searching the Wonderful World Wide Web {that's Wwww in case you hadn't noticed}, I found a blog which had a huge selection of blog backgrounds... and all were FREE! The blog is called The Cutest Blog on the Block {it definitely has the cutest blog NAME on the block!}. I flipped through the 37 or so pages of backgrounds and narrowed it down to several that I really liked, including these:

You can see I was looking for a mix of color and a lot of brightness!

Of course, this one caught my eye {it's my wedding color scheme!} but I thought that was way too predictable!

I do hope you enjoy my choice as much as I do. In the spring, you gotta bring the brightness up a notch... or two!


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