April 20, 2011

Easter pots

In the last week or so, we realised that my in-laws {Jon's parents, grand-parents and step-brother's family) will be coming to visit for Easter, and, we are spending Good Friday at our house! Which meant... I had a reason to decorate for Easter!

I was searching for inspirations for 'shabby-chic' looking ideas that could be DIY-ed on the cheap. I spotted this cute idea on Knock Off Decor and thought I could customize it.

So, off to the dollar store {my fave} I went to find some supplies. My plan was to make 6 pots to spell "E-a-s-t-e-r" to display atop of my NEW armoire. I picked up:
-6 small pots at 3 for $1 = $2
-small foam self-adhesive letters = $1
-one roll of matching ribbon = $1

The rest of the material I already had on-hand:
-white acrylic paint
-apple green card stock
-glue gun and glue sticks

My first step was to paint the pots quite quickly so as to achieve a less-than-perfect look. That way, they would look a little shabby.

While that dried, I cut out six squares from my apple green card stock.

Using my son's crayons {which really grabbed his attention} I shabbily {just made up that word} traced the frame of the squares, added dots to act as "nails" {I think, I guess}, then covered the entire surface in white and then a bit in gray, to give it a more muted and distressed appearance.

I then whipped-out my $1 foam self-adhesive letters and peeled and stuck them accordingly. I trimmed six even pieces of the apple green and white swirly ribbon. My final step was to apply a strip of ribbon around the top edge of the pot, and then apply the square {in diamond shape} to the front.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute for $5!

A few other DIY Easter decorations are still hiding up my sleeve... I should will share in my next post...

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  1. Cute Mylène - perhaps the Easter Bunny will leave a few droppings in your pots come Easter morning :)