April 11, 2011

Ode to my F-in-L

Wow... My F-in-L {Father-in-law} Tim arrived at our home on a Sunday and stayed for 8 days. He is QUITE the handy man. In the week that he spent with us, we {well he, and we assisted} accomplished the following:
  • removed the old floor and installed new laminate floating floor in kitchen {the demolition and instillation were not the longest parts; the finishing touches however, took about two days...}
  • fixed the front house door frame {which our Beagle had pretty much devoured almost three years ago and we had no idea how to fix it}
  • changed the over-the-range hood fan for a {free} white one {ours was beige, as are our other appliances in the kitchen... we'll get to replacing them soon enough}
  • re-attached the dryer hose {which somehow got disconnected and we just happened to notice while he was here}
  • changed winter tires to all-season tires on our TWO vehicles {ok, not house-work but still work}
And, through out all that, he found time to play with Nico, do a bit of manly shopping {tool and hobby stores} and spend time with Jon and I, and Jon's sister's family.

When it was all said and done, we all sat down the last night he was with us around 8:00 pm, with beer and drinks in hand, and toasted Tim for his hard work. This man is just simply amazing! He worked his butt off for us, all while fighting an awful three-day allergy attack. He is m-e-t-i-c-u-l-o-u-s and a perfectionist. Nothing is ever done half-a-$-$.

I have to admit, though, that I had my doubts for about 5 seconds. I came home after work one day and he had been working on the front door. Basically, he needed to remove many pieces of chewed-up and destroyed wood to replace them. However, he was missing a particular piece near the end of the day, and by the time him and my husband were able to go out to get the right size piece, it was pretty late and pretty dark. So, my door repair had to wait until the next day for completion. This meant that my door could not be closed completely, but not only that, it also could not be locked. Over night. ... The men's solution to this predicament? They lined up six cases of beer against the door to hold it shut and secure. {Yes, we actually had six cases of beer in the house as Jon had just done a beer-run for his office since we live in Quebec and the beer is cheaper here... we are NOT alcoholics...} My F-in-L then proceeded to joke that he would purposely place a 6' long piece of wood so that if someone did try to push the door open, the piece would fall and cause a ruckus to alarm us of the intruder... What a sense of humour, eh? Anyhow, by the next night, I was quite ecstatic to know that my door could be locked once again.

The best part of having him over to do some handy work for us was definitely the tools he brought along. It encouraged me to:
  • re-organize some items on our walls to accommodate a spot for the new/used armoire in the living room  

  • sand the armoire to prep for painting {stay tuned or pics}
  • hang new curtains in the kitchen
And of course with all of that home-updating energy floating around in my house, I decorated a bit to incorporate more fresh color on the main floor, including a few $0 projects:
  • Applied an "F" for "Flour" or "Farine" on my canister with on-hand apple green card stock and Mod-Podge: $0

  • Arranged little bowl and flower accent with on-hand candle holder and a $2 flower: $2

  • Made telephone tray with on-hand picture frame and apple green card stock: $0
  • Re-arranged items in glass kitchen display to incorporate more color: $0
  • Added more color in main living space: $8 bouquet {Better Homes & Gardens collection at Wal-mart = AWESOME} and $4 clearance basket {Bouclair Home}: $12; AND hour glass {LOVE} $7 {Bouclair Home}:

Oh, and while the men {Tim, Jon and Nico... ok the two and a half men} took a little men's outing on Saturday, I managed to clean the house and do some laundry, and caught myself organizing several areas along the way like my tool bench:

As you can see, my apple green card stock really came in handy!

 As did a few mason jars we had around the house.
{Ok, doesn't look that great, but looks so much better than it did before. And since I started organizing it on a whim while I was doing my laundry, I did not snap a before pic - again, B-a-a-a-d blogger!}

I even managed to organize a few mops, brooms and miscellaneous floor cleaning and sweeping tools on long and sturdy nails {that we actually already there... hmmm... It's like they were meant for that exact purpose.}

Over all, it was a VERY productive week and week-end! The house feels that much more organized, personalized and spring-fresh accessorized!

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  1. Ah Mylène tu es juste trop créative, de toute beauté.....☺