April 7, 2011

Tour other homes!

Another decorating blog called Poppies at Play is hosting a house tour where other bloggers show off their homes. The tour lasts a week and you get to see 4 homes per day! It is so fun to "sneak around" other people's homes and collect ideas for your own space. Check it out: Parade of Homes 2011

Here are ideas I have loved so far:

Family friendly mud room with lost of storage.

Washroom art gallery. Very vintage glam.

Master bedroom decor and bedding.

Totally DIY-able lamp! And I love the flower added onto the piggy bank to make it personal.

To-die-for closet (only in my dreams right?)

Funky stairs!

Oh-so-pretty home office. Love the damask curtains (of course) and the yellow, black and creamy color scheme.

Beautiful, clean and simple kitchen.

Who's looking to revamp an old dresser? Here is a perfect example of "old" turned into a modern yet classic piece.

Charming and interesting art gallery.

Shabby-chic kitchen. So sweet and bright! I just love that sign, and very DIY-able.

Hope you take the time to enjoy this tour and become inspired! I have collected several ideas... hopefully, I can add them into my home soon and share my own home tour with you.


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