May 2, 2011

Corner wall gallery

One day, my husband said "I swear every room in this house is blue and brown". That's all you have to tell a girl like me to entice me to bring more colors in. I've recently revealed in this Easter and Spring post, and in this post a tonne of things updated on the main floor and throughout the house. All the changes felt nice and fresh, and helped to update our home and add personal and interesting touches here and there.

Once my armoire was finished, I needed something in the other corner of the living room to balance it out. What to do... I had a few picture frames hanging there but it just was not enough. So, I searched through my "decorating store" {my unused decorating accessories} and found a few frames, three plaques and a canvas that I could either fill or recover with something colorful. I made a quick trip to Michaels over lunch one day and picked up four sheets of colorful scrapbooking paper, all in blues and browns {to tie in with the current decor} but also with greens and even a hint of a corally-pink. I covered the three plaques using Mod Podge, and stapled a piece of scrapbooking paper using this technique to cover the canvas.

I also had two small  and white square frames, and a black rectangular frame. I took a map of the town we currently live in to place in one of the white frames {adorable!}. For the other two, I thought I could use colored card stock that I already had on hand in matching colors. In the black frame, I simply fit a piece of bright blue card stock. In the second white frame, I decided to create my own little piece of art by tearing strips of three different colors of card stock, and them placing them together. It ended up looking pretty and incorporated three of the colors in the entire gallery! Bonus: all of these were DIY-ed and FREE = AWESOME!

I started laying my frames on the floor to determine the look I was going for. Then, I started hanging. It took about thirty minutes to achieve an asymmetrical yet balanced look. I was happy.

A few days later, while at my favorite dollar store {again... I swear, I don't live there!} I found small decorative self-adhesive mirrors, sold in sets of three! I selected a a set of three very simple and small birds (about 2" high) for $1, as well as three chairs of an identical style but in three different sizes for $2. At first, I thought I would just use one of each to place within my gallery. But once I got home and started playing with the placement, I thought that strategically placing all of them would add dimension as well as simply filling larger spaces.

Finally, to "fill" the floor below my gallery, I stacked random baskets I had around the house.

The result is a colorful addition to the living room that you can see from several angles on the main floor. It also helps to balance the space by being on the opposite of the armoire.

I like the somewhat eclectic feel of mixing frames in black and white, as well as mixing photos with other textural and patterned elements.

The entire gallery cost less than $15, which makes the whole project even sweeter!

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  1. This is so cute! I love the colors you used!


  2. You did an awesome job with your wall gallery and with it being a corner. I too, love the chair shaped mirrors. So creative! Thanks for sharing

  3. This came out gorgeous!! I love it. I have been planning to do a wall gallery for a month or so, but have so many other things on my to-do list. Maybe I should just get it done, yours looks so great!

  4. I'm glad I came across your blog! I love your photo wall gallery! Loved those framed maps, too! =)