May 30, 2011

First belly picture: 9 weeks

Eventhough I am only 9 weeks into my second pregnancy, I look as pregnant as I did at 25 weeks with my first pregnancy:

Second pregnancy @ 9 weeks:

First pregnancy @ 25 weeks:
{Yes, I wore the same top on purpose... to get the real effect!}

Sad oh sad! Your body changes so rapidly once you've previously been pregnant! I was telling people how I remember feeling so excited and impatient about showing my first baby bump. And this second time around, I actually feel embarrassed to be showing so much so early! Weird! And before you critics start telling me to cut-back on eating, yes I am eating way more than I was, but I am also eating much healthier than I was and drinking a lot more water. For example, out of the 10 snacks {no exaggeration} I may have in the day {that's  post-breakfast to bed time} 8 of those snacks will be fruits or veggies because they are what goes down best! At this week's pre-natal appointment, I only gained 1 pound since my last appointment 4 weeks ago! That means I am actually losing weight... But, I won't complain about that! I am just not enjoying struggling to eat at every meal. I am hoping that it will subside in the second trimester, but for the time being, I am taking 6 Diclectin {the maximum} each day! What I find most interesting is that my most difficult {aka nauseous} time of the day seems to be from 4:00 pm to about 8:00 pm, whereas mornings used to be the absolute worth the first pregnancy. Oh so strange! I guess each pregnancy is really different.

And, in the end, you get a wonderful little gift who may drive you so close to insanity at times, yet remind you every day that life is so beautiful!


  1. hi mylene, i am currently nine weeks pregnant and look like i did when i was at least twenty with first pregnancy. i am concerned about gaining too much weight with my second pregnancy because i am so big so much faster. i was wondering, did you gain a lot more weight your second time around or did your weight (and size) balance out in the second and third trimesters...thanks!

  2. Hello,
    I really enjoyed this post which I found via Google. I'm also in my second pregnancy (week 8) and I recently have started to wear maternity clothes! In my first pregnancy I could wear my regular jeans until I was in my 33rd week!! I also felt really anxious to show off my baby bump with my first pregnancy but feel embarrassed to show so quickly in my second pregnancy. I also was wondering what the previous commentor asked, did your weight level out later in pregnancy?

    1. Hello,

      Yes, my weight gain did level off and slow right down. I ended up gaining less weight the second pregnancy compared to the first. I do believe I showed more quickly because I was carrying extra weight, which I am now finding difficult to get rid of even if I went back to work when my baby was 5 months old. Going back to work had helped me lose weight quickly after my first child, but this time around seems different and my second child will soon be a year old. I think it is best to try to watch your weight and your diet to not gain too much. But every woman and every body is so different. I find this type of advice is difficult to give. But stay positive! It is better to lose weight than gain weight during your pregnancy!
      Good luck!!!

  3. Hi. Yes, i'm expecting my 3rd.. i am 9 weeks and sprouted right out there this time! I'm just gonna enjoy it. :)