May 20, 2011

Guest Post by Janelle {My Sister}

I am so thrilled to be featuring my very first guest post by none other than my sister Janelle.

Janelle is an avid and very talented scrapbooker. She has been scrapbooking for many years. Receiving a custom made and oh-so personalized card made by Janelle is an absolute treat! For my birthday this year, she crafted a gift box in the shape of a piece of cake! How adorable? I just love it!
Janelle is not only an amazing crafter and scrapbooker, she is an incredible sister and person! Everyone loves her to pieces! So {before I make Janelle blush even more} here is her post:

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Inspired Flower Shadow Boxes

Being a recent first time home buyer, my man and I spend A LOT of time in decorating stores, our two favourites and our neighbours (literally across the street) are Home Outfitters and HomeSense.  The deal with HomeSense is that you have to go every week since stock changes so often, and so we usually do!  We usually quickly browse through, looking at the same things: frames, chairs, area rugs and pillows.  The ONE time that my beau and I went at 8:30 pm (it was closing at 9:00), we found four or five things that really caught our eye and ended up leaving with two frames (which I have to say, are still laying against the wall, untouched since we purchased them).  Unlike my sister Mylène, I don’t have the talent or the guts to hang things without careful consideration.  It usually ends up being done by someone else.  On that night, I saw these wonderful shadow boxes that had a black frame, clear glass back, a black swirl-shaped paper and black artificial flowers.  I wish I had a picture to post here, but my boyfriend and I both have ancient cell phones with no camera option (small lie: my boyfriend does but the picture quality sucks!).  As I was weighing my options at 8:45, I had a few issues with the frames:

1. The flower was off-white and the walls in my Scrapbooking Room are white.
2. The opposite option with white frame/paper and black flower would have faded into my white wall.
3. They were 29.99$ each – I just could not stomach that.

I decided to not purchase them, but I couldn’t get them out of my mind.  Being the crafty person I am (I have a Scrapbooking Room after all), I decided to make my own. 

I headed over to my favourite craft store Michaels and bought, all on sale or with a coupon, the following items:

- A 3 pack of Black Shadow Boxes, smaller than what I initially wanted but options were limited
- Flowers that I liked, both white and pink (I wasn’t too sure of the color combination I wanted)
- Patterned paper in both black and white (again, was pretty unsure of the final product)

I also already had at home:
- Left-over BEAUTIFUL fabric I purchased to make curtains for my Scrapbooking Room

I used my BEAUTIFUL fabric (isn’t it beautiful?!?!?  The picture doesn’t really do it justice) to cover the back of the shadow box.  I cut the fabric to size, than used the glue gun to secure it in place, making sure to pull just enough to get rid of any wrinkles.

I then cut my paper to size and used the glue gun to secure that in place as well.

I chose my flowers and removed any excess petals and plastic pieces to make sure that it would fit in my shadow box without being squished.  The shadow boxes were not as deep as I would have liked.  I placed them first, trying different options.  For the white flower, I looked through my buttons and found two black buttons for the centre of my flower.  They don’t match, but that just adds to them!
And the final product:

I noticed once I was all done and put them side by side that the white flowers were not at the same height and that the pink flowers were not the same size.  Oops!!  Thankfully, they will not be hanging side by side.

The frames are now on the futon in my Scrapbooking Room, who knows how long they will stay there for… 

Here are the other lessons learned from this project:
1. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure the pattern is in the right direction before cutting it. Didn’t think of that with the first one, it’s a pretty tight fit on the top.
2. If using a patterned fabric or when assembling, make sure the thing-a-ma-jig to hang it is at the top (oops #3).  Good thing I was able to pull it out and use the glue gun to secure it in place – hopefully, it won’t fall!!
3. Make sure the fabric is flat – iron it if you need to before securing.  I was ok with pulling it, but depending on the pattern, it might distort it.
4. The glue from the glue gun does not stay hot for long – glue smaller areas at a time.
5. Make sure flowers match for both frames (similar size and amount of petals).
6. Compare final placement of flowers in both boxes before gluing.
7. As much as I take my time, it is never enough!!!  Look and measure twice, even three times.

Until next time!


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Hope you enjoyed my SISTER'S post!


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