May 26, 2011

Nursery Inspiration Boards

Yahoo! This is, so far, the best part of the pregnancy: planning the nursery!

Of course, I started with the Baby Girl Beadow nursery inspiration boards first, cause, let's face it, they are the most fun!

My first thought was for a color scheme of buttery yellow with black and white, and most likely damask. Here is the resulting Nursery Inspiration Board: Baby Girl Yellow:

Although pretty, I found it to be one dementional and sort of, well, boring! The nursery pictures I found were from Carousel Designs ( and Rosenberry Bedding. A few days after creating this yellow room, I found an photo of a guest bedroom in a magazine with a color paring of yellow and apple green, and LOVED it!
{Sorry for the imperfect photo, I don't have a scanner so actually took a picture of the magazine page! But you get the "picture"! Pun totally intended! Ha ha ha!}

I started putting a new inspiration board together, and then came accross this beautiful quilt by Carousel Designs, which totally brought my entire scheme together, plus added the cheerfulness of coral! Ooh la la!

Thus was born my Nursery Inspiration Board: Baby Girl Yellow, Green and Brown:

And a little legend to accompany it:

I think it is cheerful, bright and fun! It allows me to use my existing crib, change table and rocking chair {well, soon to be handed down by my sister next month} without refinishing them! And, I feel that the elements I have selected are classic enough to grow with a girl!

Now, for the baby boy option! I am loving an owl theme for a baby boy nursery. I recently went to a craft show in Almonte, ON, to see my cousin's display, and absolutely loved what she was doing with owls! I already know I would commission her to do a few owl pieces for the nursery! And I am just loving these stuffed owls seen all over places like and they were even at the Almonte craft show!

Plus, there was actually an owl nursery from Rosenberry Bedding. So, here is the Nursery Inspiration Board: Baby Boy Owls:

And the legend:

Although the board looks quite muted, I would definitely accentuate with the orange as much as possible to add that pop of color!

The original nursery floor plan is like this:

This is the layout as I would like it for either a boy or girl:

It will draw more attention to the crib by placing it center-stage in front of the window, contrary to now as the first thing you see in the room is the often-messy change table. The floor plan is not much to look at without the dressings, but at least you get the "picture"! {Another pun totally intended!}

So that is that! Now to way patiently another ten weeks or so to find out what this little baby will be... Of course, I will keep you "posted" {And yet ANOTHER pun totally intended! I'm on a roll!}


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