May 16, 2011

Personalized signs

I made these signs several months ago, before actually starting this blog. Now, I am writing about this craft because it was super easy to make, it is very personal and custom, and all of our guests comment on these signs when they see them.

My inspiration came from my favorite blog, Young House Love, and vintage inspired art that they made to hang in the washroom in their first home.

For my version of this art work, I wanted to use addresses that meant something to Jon and I. For my first sign, I selected to use the names of the streets we grew-up on. For the second, I opted for the address of our first apartment together. I followed the same steps as explained in YHL's post and this is the look I achieved:

I love them! They are both beautiful and personal at once. And I love how our guests recognize the street names! This craft was easy and cost less than 10$! All I had to purchase were the wood frames which were $4 each at Michaels. The rest I had on hand! That's my kind of project.

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  1. That actually looks awesome! Personalized signs can really make a difference in your business.