May 10, 2011

Washroom inspiration board

Can you say "Hello Yellow!" Well, far from that is the basement washroom, as it currently is, which is dark, dull and freezing! It lacks interest and style. Although it's not that bad at first glance, when looking a little closer and a little longer, you start to see its faults and what-were-they-thinking-when-they-finished-this-washroom weirdness.

It does have some pros: it is a large space; it has a full bath, and it is private enough so that guests in our home have their own washroom.

Then, of course, it has its cons: the fixtures {bathtub, toilet and pedestal sink} are GREY {Ick!}; the floor tile and tub surround are BLACK marble-looking ceramic {Ick! Again!}; there is no vent inside the room itself so it gets no direct heat and it is ICE cold {both to the touch on the toes and toosh, and to the senses}; it has no windows; the light fixtures are inappropriate and oddly placed; and the mirror over the pedestal is hung way too low for anyone other than me {which is why I never noticed myself as it was the perfect height in my mind!}.

Although I am not responsible for the production of this uninteresting room, I am quite responsible for leaving it so boring for so long.

This is the current look of the room:

When we first moved in, it sort of worked. I gathered butterfly accessories in blues and blacks that I already had, hung them, and was done with that room. Over the last almost three years, the more I looked at the details, the more I hated the room. I actually NEVER use this washroom for myself. NEVER, EVER, EVER! If I go in there, it is because my son needs to use it or I need to grab the towels to wash them. My husband is even the one who cleans it has he is sort of in charge of cleaning the basement, while I clean the main floor. I have never even taken a bath in there because we have a full bathroom upstairs as you've seen here. However, my in-laws do use the bath when they stay over so it is not completely wasted.

Since we will soon be moving our master bedroom to the basement, I know I will be using the basement washroom more frequently and in someway it will become our Master Bath. Of course, if this is going to be MY washroom, I need to style-it-up a notch or two, don't you think?

Thus was born my Basement Washroom Inspiration Board:

And my reason for saying "Hello Yellow!". Doesn't it already feel so warm?

Here is the legend to provide further explanation:

Light fixture: Hampton Bay
Yellow vase and white stool: Z Gallerie
White electric fireplace: Electric Fireplaces Canada
Bathroom set: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Apothecary gars and monogram towels: Pottery Barn
Shower curtain and bath mat: West Elm
Fabrics: Tonic Living
“Wash Your Hands” sign: Blog Three Men and a Lady
Yellow coral:
Chandelier: IKEA

{FUN TIP: the yellow coral is from a PET SHOP!}

As you can see from the legend, of the existing room, not much will be changing as I will only be tweaking the upper wall color from the cold and frosty blue-grey, to a warm, buttery and creamy yellow. Of course, I would like to change the light fixtures and will most definitely update the {weird} mirrors. For the larger mirror over the cabinet, I think I may leave it and just add some trim around it instead of that black metal vine thing... As for the mirror above the sink, I may try painting it, either gray or dark yellow, and hanging it properly to see if it works.

Although there is no shower in the tub, I would add a shower curtain strictly for aesthetic reasons. Fabrics are so important in a room! They are an easy way to add pattern, texture, dimension, definition and, of course, personality!

The fireplace may seem like a luxury, but it will be a solution to the lack of heat in the space. Hopefully, we can find a fireplace with a thermostat that will always keep the room toasty. An alternative to the fireplace featured in the board as, let's face it, there is not THAT much room in there, would be a wall mounted heater or {even better} a wall mounted fire place!  Can't you just see a wall mounted fireplace like this one from Costco? Ooh-la-la!

Gorgeous! I am loving this room already! I am hoping to move to our new master bedroom in June, followed by tackling Nico's big boy room and finally the basement washroom before the end of July / the summer. Let's just say I think we'll soon have a reason to kick Nico out of the nursery...


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