June 16, 2011

12 weeks pregnant!

Oh and am I ever counting! I may just feel like it is going so slow because they changed my date a few times.

On to the pics! I decided to let my almost-3-year-old son, Nico, take some pictures.

This one best represents my actual belly size!

Can I just say? This kid is talented! Sure, I may have deleted, oh I dunno, 10 or so that were awful, but honestly! Not bad! I am one proud Mama! And just to keep going with my bragging, which I don't think I do enough of about Nico, he also discovered golf this last weekend when we went shopping for a new golf club for Papa's birthday. Once we got home, it was golf and nothing else. He had a few plastic toy clubs and balls so we set him up in the basement with a real tee (stuck in his floor mat), a hockey net to help him aim, and started to show him how to play. The kid is a natural! Watch this:

Am I the only one who is impressed by that?

Anyhow, onto a few more pregnancy-related details! I am feeling better nausea-wise. I am down to 4 Diclectin a day for 6 {2 at night and 2 in the morning} and may try to reduce that again soon. I have had a few headaches and also noticed that my feet seem to swell quickly if I consume too much salt. I also noticed my skin is changing... for the worst! It did the same thing during my first pregnancy. The skin on my cheeks becomes bumpy and riddled with teeny-tiny little bumps. I also develop a lot of freckles and beauty marks all over when pregnant {I normally develop a lot of these at any time, but during pregnancy, it increases!} And you know those little tiny red veiny spots? I call them spider bites {don't know where I got that?}. I get a lot of those all over too! But they mostly fade within the first year after the baby is born. But interesting, right? I am also getting restless legs! Ack! Not fun! But so far, that is also tolerable. On the positive side? The fatigue seems a little better. And I love my finger nails when pregnant! So strong and they grow super fast! I am most looking forward to feeling the baby move!

So, hopefully it will keep getting better from now on. Next thing I know, I will be on vacation {end of July} and when I get back, we will have our ultrasound to {hopefully} find out if it is a boy or a girl...


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