June 7, 2011

Café sign

Well, I got my craft on this weekend! And it was fun! It was even better because I chose such a simple project which in total took me less than 30 minutes to complete and only cost about $1.50! But, for such a simple project, it adds the perfect amount of impact in the kitchen.

I started out with 4 planks of my recycled hard wood flooring. I selected them to be different lengths as I really wanted a rustic feel to my finished sign.

My first step was to flatten the nails on the back. At first I was going to remove them, but it proved to be way too difficult and time consuming. Plus, we would never see the back of the sign, so I chose to simply flatten them out of the way. Then, I had to sand each piece so that my paint would adhere better since they were quite veneered. I then assembled my pieces using wood glue and chose to reinforce the structure by nailing pieces of 1" x 1" {which I had lying around} across the back of all pieces. This is what it looked like all sanded and connected {I did not snap a pic of the back! Sorry!}:

Next, I {and Nico} lightly applied one coat of glossy white trim paint, which I already had on hand, and let if dry for a few hours.
Using a pencil, I traced what I wanted my sign to say. I went for "Café 5 ".

I picked a turquoise blue craft paint and free-handed the writing, and let that dry for several hours.

Finally, I sanded the entire surface. I wiped it down with a damp paper towel and sanded again until I obtained the look I was going for.

I purchased this stand for $1.50 at the dollar store. I especially liked it because it could easily be bent to the angle I needed.

And voilà!

A perfectly imperfect custom café sign! I'm very happy with the results! It demands just enough attention for the top of the cupboards, and helps to tie in the color scheme. I also went through my "decorating store" and selected some baskets to place in other areas over the cupboards, so my sign would not feel so lonely.

Here is the material I used:
-Recycled hard wood floor pieces: FREE
-Sandpaper (100 grit): FREE
-Glossy white trim paint: FREE
-Acrylic craft paint in Desert Turquoise: FREE
-Stand: $1.50
TOTAL COST: $1.50!!
It was nice being crafty again! And my almost-3-year-old son is at the curious and helpful stage, so he was by my side every step of the way, asking to help. He even took a few pictures for me!
The next project(s) on my list will more than likely be tackling the basement master bedroom and Nico's big boy room over the next several weeks. As Nico will be away at my parent's cottage for the first half of July, we will be tackling what we can while he is away so that he can come back to his Big Boy room! I can't wait! Scratch that...

Before you say anything, I know the backsplash and ivory-colored appliances have to go! Happily and luckily, my sister and brother-in-law are moving into a new house in a few weeks and will be donating their WHITE stove and fridge to us as they are buying new ones! Yippee!! And my next project {hence the scratched out "next project" paragraph above} will be a beautiful and bright white beadboard backsplash! It is so inexpensive to complete, so easy and will make a huge difference in the kitchen! So I am hoping I can tackle that in the coming weeks. THEN, I can move on to the scratched-out projects above! But that's the fun of it all! If I had no projects on my TO-DO list, I would be bored and most likely miserable! Sometimes TO-DO lists just keep us going!

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  1. Super beau ma belle.....tu donnes des très bonnes idées......☺

  2. I love this sign! It is super cute! you did a great job with it! I found your blog through a link party! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!