June 14, 2011


At the end of my last post, I hinted to my interest in creating a backsplash out of beadboard to cover the current oh-so-ugly, diamond patterned, terra cotta and peach tile backsplash.

Here are some examples of my inspirations:

From one of my favorite blogs, Thrifty Decor Chick:

This is another one that popped-up last week from a blog called Liz Marie Blog:

And here, another beautiful inspiration from a blog called Revive. Restore. Renew. :

Gorgeous right? Just traditional enough to mix in with my decorating style. And it would instantly brighten my somewhat gloomy kitchen.

A while back, I sent a few links to my hubby as a heads-up that this project was incoming. Last week, I sweetly asked him if we could tackle it over this last weekend seeing as A) we had zero 0 plans; B) it was dirt cheap to complete {no more than 30-40$}; C) it would brighten the kitchen; and D) my sister’s bright white appliances would be here in a few short weeks which would make my current backsplash stand out even more!

Now I have been quite lucky as Jon has very little to say when it comes to decorating. He pretty much gives me carte-blanche. But this time, well... he crushed my dream... burst my bubble... squashed my vision... He said he didn’t tell me that he HATES the look because he was assuming I would never actually DO it! Ha! Fooled him eh?

So now, I am back to the drawing board for my hideous backsplash...

He suggested gutting the current tiles and doing a white subway tile backsplash (source):

It is pretty, but it is twice or three times the cost of the beadboard option, plus twice or thrice the amount of time and work. That and, if I am going to go through the trouble of removing the existing backsplash, renting the proper equipment, putting in so many hours of work, etc... I am going to do it with a backsplash tile that I absolutely LOVE, not one that I am settling for. Know what I mean?

I had found this great glass and natural stone mixed tile in earthy hues of browns and tans and greys. But when we brought it home, it felt like it would be too dark if applied all over. We toyed with the idea of using it as an accent only, by installing more neutral tiles above and below 3 or 4 rows of my choice tile. But at the time, our budget just couldn't allow such an unnecessary and purely aesthetic expense.

So, I am now back to considering simply painting over the entire backsplash in a glossy white as a sort of temporary {1 to 2 year} solution. All I know for sure is that it is definitely NOT getting done this weekend!

Stay tuned!


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