June 21, 2011

Decorating To-Do List for July!

OK, call me a bad mama, but I am counting down the days until my Baby Boy leaves for two weeks with his Grand-Parents! Jon and I are looking forward to a bit of couple time and I am especially looking forward to tackling some decorating while the little guy is away. Of course, we will miss him immensely the second he steps out the door, and I know I will have to fight with myself to not run out and give him one last hug... But, we will get to complete {hopefully} some of the decorating To-Do's that I have been dying to do! So, here is our...

Decorating TO-DO LIST for July

1. Basement Master Bedroom: paint

As you may recall from this inspiration board entry, we will be painting the current guest bedroom in the basement, which will become our new Master Bedroom:

We will begin by painting the focal wall in a gorgeous and bright mauve color. Then, I would love to create a tone-on-tone stencil in a lighter purple color. I will more than likely order from an Etsy shop called Cutting Edge Stencils who features such stunning stencils as these:

Finally, the other four walls will receive a light grey treatment.

Once the painting is complete, we will be moving our furniture to the basement. I believe the first purchase will be curtains and curtain hanging accessories. I will be hanging full-length curtains eventhough the window is very small. I like this pair from Bouclair Home, which are a faux suede plum pair for $49 and are also available in grey!

Or these faux silk white curtains, also for $49 a pair!

In white, it would definitely brighten up the room!

I know I will hang them with black hardware to create more of a contrast since they will be hung on the grey wall.  I LOVE Bouclair Home for their curtains! I will also be purchasing a black-out roller blind to achieve optimal darkness as that is what Jon and I prefer. And the roller blind will be hidden once drawn.

The remainder of the decorating items will come over time. And of course progress pictures will be shared.

2. Nico's Big Boy room: paint

As was shared in this inspiration board post, we will be painting our current Master Bedroom for Nico's new Big Boy room:

I know 100% that I want to get him this orange quilt set from IKEA. 
Since that color will more than likely be incorporated in accessories throughout the new space, I'm thinking we will be painting the walls a warm yellow, then creating some sort of an accent wall with apple green and orange.

As in the Basement Master Bedroom To-Do's, the painting and moving-in of furniture will come first. The rest of the accessorizing will follow over time.

3. Main floor doors, trim and baseboards: painting WHITE

This is a project that I have wanted to undertake ever since we painted our entire main floor in more neutral colors, oh, over a year ago! The current color of the trim and baseboards is cream, which just looks dirty. Three closet doors have been left untreated and are natural pine, so those need to be primed and painted. The three other doors on this level (the two bedroom doors and the washroom door) are stained a warm wood tone so those will stay as is. The rest of it is going a bright glossy white! My father-in-law had also repaired our front door which our now-in-a-new-home-dog Jersey had destroyed, and we have yet to paint that. I think it will really give the main floor a fresh and crisp look. {It may also make my backsplash look more awful!}.

4. MAYBE - Basement washroom: paint

If we have time and funds left, the final project I would like to complete while our little guy is away vacationing with his Grand-Parents and cousins, is to paint the basement washroom a warm yellow as was revealed in this inspiration board post:

{I still ADORE this inspiration board every time I see it! It makes me feel so happy!}

As you can tell, all of our projects require PAINTING, which my poor husband, who will be doomed to help me, DESPISES! But, painting without a 3-year-old constantly wanting to help and asking a zillion questions will be much easier.

My biggest reason for wanting to do the first two items on our TO-DO list? I can't wait to see Nico's reaction when he comes home to his new Big Boy room! At least, I'm hoping he will be happy and will want to sleep in there every night for the whole night {yes, he still sleeps with us every night and has been doing so since last August...}.

What we accomplish and don't accomplish will depend on my energy level at the end of every day, and all the other stuff we want to do while without child, like go to movies, hang out with family and friends, yard work, and hopefully just taking time to relax and act like vegetables!

Of course, Before and After pictures will follow as we go and you'll be kept in the loop of any developments!


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