June 3, 2011

Incoming project!

I am overdue for a project... I haven't actually created anything in a while... Yes, I may be pregnant and tired and nauseous, but I am still creative!?! When we changed the hardwood / ceramic floor in our kitchen a while back, I kept a few of the wood floor boards as I felt inspired to create a sign to place over my cupboards in the kitchen. It would recycle some of the product and remind us of the remodel. So I have had a pile of wood lying on the floor in my laundry room since, oh, March??? It's about time I do something with them.

Here are some of the signs I've seen in Blog Land that are inspiring this project:

The most recent from a blog called That's My Letter:

Another from a blog called It's Just Me who gives a tutorial on how she makes signs:

The next three were shared on a blog called Knock Off Decor as they are inspired by products you can buy at stores like:


My favorite blog, Young House Love, also created a small number sign and provided a tutorial where the design appears as the original wood and the outline is painted:

I like this technique and look the most, so I think I will use it! It would allow the original color of our "old" floor to peak through, I guess as I reminder. Mind you, we still have that floor throughout the living and dining room... So I don't think the reminder is necessary! I do want to give the sign a used and "recycled" look so will definitely be distressing it.

Since my sign will be in the kitchen, I want to use a food or kitchen related word like "Café" or "Market" or "Appétit"... something epicure related... I saw a sign once {which of course now I can't find to share it with you} and it read "Coffee 5 ₵" and I really liked it.

So we'll see what I end up with when I sit down to do it this weekend... It will be a rainy weekend so I'll be doing this project indoors. But I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and getting some creative juices flowing. I will hopefully be posting pictures Monday or maybe as early as Sunday night, depending on my energy level... stay tuned!


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