June 24, 2011

Nico's Big Boy Room: second inspiration...

I had started gathering paint swatches to select the colors for our master bedroom and Nico's big boy room which we will be painting over the next few weekends. I had no issues selecting the paint for our master, but, every time I would come around to selecting Nico's bedroom colors, I felt stumped. I had grabbed several swatches of oranges, greens and yellows. Keeping in mind this quilt set that I wanted to get from IKEA:
I kept feeling like I had to paint the room yellow... And I guess, I didn't want a yellow big boy room deep down.

So, I hit the waves of the World Wide Web and started surfing {ha ha ha! did you catch that?} for a new inspiration for this little man's room-to-be. I came across this bedding set from Bouclair Home:

Fun right? Youthful. Bright. Has several colors... Although it may not scream "BOY", it also doesn't yell out "BABY" which I was afraid a yellow room would do.

As a result of this colorful photo, I present to you my second inspiration board for Nico's Big Boy Room:

I am WAY more comfortable with this scheme! I feel like it is less "all-over-the-place" and "two-many-colors-where-do-you-start".

I am already 100% certain that I will paint the lower walls in the darker blue and the upper in pale grey, more than likely using the two-tone effect in this photo as a transition between the colors:

To start with the decorating, I will purchase this apple green bedspread from IKEA {for only $19.99!}

And you know these floor mats?
I already have a set of four in apple green and bright blue, with grey on the reverse sides, to set up as an area rug / play area! I may buy another set of the same colors to make a larger spot as the carpet in this room is older and we are not planning on replacing it just yet.

All of the remaining accessories in the inspiration board {with the exception of the cushion and square shelves which are from Bouclair Home} are from IKEA and reasonable in price.

My Mom is also planning on making a quilt for Nico and I think the pattern of the duvet cover in the inspiration photo will be easy enough for her to recreate and she can follow that color scheme.

That wall book shelf {photo from Pottery Barn Kids} has already been made by my awesome and handy Daddy-O and has been patiently waiting a coat of paint and a permanent spot in it's new home! I will more than likely paint it grey, as I will Nico's current white hand-me-down dresser, and the DIY bead board headboard I will make! In this particular room, the grey with serve as the "black" {you know, every room should have at least three items in black!} to ground the space.

All in all, I am really happy with this color scheme and entire room inspiration! I actually am really excited now to start painting it and get it done!

MINI UPDATE: Wouldn't these be perfect in my future-athlete's / sports-enthusiast's room? They are both from Sears:

MINI UPDATE #2: So, I went out at lunch today {since the Bouclair Home store is super close to my work!} to see the duvet cover in person as I really wanted to see the colors. Now, they only make it in twin or double bed sizes, whereas Nico is getting a queen sized bed, so I couldn't buy it to actually use it as a bedspread. I could, however, buy the set {for only $49} and use the one pillow sham AND use the duvet for fabric for the curtains! My Mom can still use the color scheme to make his quilt but she can decide her own pattern.  In person {or in "real life" as opposed to on the Internet}, the darkest blue is more like this:
 whereas this was my guessed blue:

I actually prefer the real blue! It's more moody and current!


  1. I love the colors you have chosen :) How did you make the inspiration board? I know that sounds like a spammer question..LOL..but I have never made one.

  2. Thanks Jen! I just used a word processing software and played around with it until it looked right! Nothing special!