July 5, 2011

Hand-me-down footstool

My Mother-in-Law was going to chuck this cute little footstool, when my Father-in-Law saved it and thought of me! Knowing that I would be more than thrilled to update this tiny little treasure! It is unfortunate that the leather is so torn because it actually matches in my living room where it currently lives.


So I am on the hunt for a nice and graphic fabric to recover it!

The current color scheme in my living room is this {the red is currently only present in the artwork, but I would like to add a few more pieces to the space}:

From a Canadian site called Tonic Living, I have found these fabrics that I am contemplating:

I love this one! Very "Mylène"!

This one I feel is more daring and I like that it has more green than any other color, and that it has that POP of bold red!

This one is more muted and very symmetrical!

This is pretty, but kind of boring compared to the first two {hi hi hi}!

This one would just be super cute with white legs!

This I like cause I am really enjoying the Chevron trend and this particular fabric is outdoor fabric, so it would be easy to clean!

I have also thought of going with a dark teal vinyl which I have seen at Fabricland.

I will more than likely sand and recover the legs in a glossy white, and will maybe even keep the brass tips on the legs for a vintage touch, depending on which fabric I go with.

From Tonic Living, I also want to order some fabric swatches for my basement washroom wall art as explained here. And while I am at it, I may order a pillow or two for the new master bedroom... Like these two:

Fun right? And don't you just love free stuff? I have never actually recovered a piece of furniture {yes even a piece so small counts as furniture to me!} so I am totally excited about tackling this project!


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