July 8, 2011

Hot deal on lamps

When I went over to Bouclair Home the other day to see a duvet cover in person, I took a stroll down their clearance aisle, which I just LOVE doing! Obviously, some things are marked down because they are damaged, but other things are marked down because they just have to sell them.

I spotted some pretty trinkets that could either be left as is or spray painted to hide any damaged areas. I then came across these two lamp bases:

They were regularly priced at $21.99 each, marked down to $6.89 each!!! What a deal! With that much of a mark down, I couldn't resist grabbing a pair. Even if the color wasn't great, the shape and height I just loved! And, with my current master bedroom update (still underway...), I will spray paint them a lovely shade of golden yellow and add some lovely white shades, sort of like the lamp in my inspiration board.

This is a square lamp shade that I currently have on the bedroom lamps, and they could easily be recovered in white fabric or even painted white! I'm just not sure of the scale of them yet, so we will see.

The wheels in my brain are even churning about possibly adding some curvy shape to my bases. Styrofoam balls maybe? Again, we'll see.

I may even attempt to DIY a ring of faux crystals or even capiz as you see in so many styles these days:

Although, as in the examples shown above, that looks better with very simple bases. And since I am changing these to yellow, I think it may be too much all together!

I am so excited to tackle this project! And can't wait to share with everyone!


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