July 26, 2011

I am on vacation!

If you visit A Sister's Home these days, I am still on vacation! Once I am back, it will be back to home decorating and organizing business cause, Baby! we have a lot to do!

Since working on our master bedroom and Nico's big boy room, our home has been a chaotic mess! We quickly realised that we have A LOT of purging to do around the house as we have already run out of storage space!

Plus, since our new master bedroom used to be a JUNK room, that closet hid a lot of things that had no home. Now, we need to find a better spot to store all the leftover stuff from that closet and other areas, cause right now, it has landed in my hubby's computer room and he ain't too happy about it! Plus, the closet in our new master is much smaller than our previous closet and can only really fit my clothes, which calls for a new closet solution for Jon's clothes. As his computer room has no furniture in it other than a computer desk and a book case, we figure we can buy a few free-standing wardrobes and use them for his clothes, as well as for out-of-season jackets and other items that need to be stored and organized. I'm thinking two of these babies should do the trick, either side by side, or on different walls. Priced at $149 each, it is a good deal and the best solution for us.

DOMBÅS wardrobe from IKEA:
So, the first task on my TO-DO list once I am back from vacation and back into the swing of things is a HUGE home purge so that we can organize the stuff that we really want to keep {as opposed to just keeping everything as we are doing now}. We actually have a lot of storage space in our laundry room, but stuff has just been thrown in and nothing is quite organized, so there is a lot of wasted space. And if you remember my Home purge To-Do list for 2011, which I referred to here and here, re-organizing the laundry room was on this list. It just needs to get done! Plus, we have an ultrasound on August 5 and will hopefully find out if this baby is a boy or girl, after which I will be dying to decorate the nursery... but the house needs to be organized first!

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying yourselves as I am enjoying my vaca! And since this post is quite boring without other pictures, I leave you with this belly pic of my 17th week of pregnancy:



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