July 2, 2011

I have white appliances people!

I could not have been more excited when my brother-in-law pulled up in a U-Haul to pass on their white fridge and stove to replace our awful bisque colored ones! My sister and brother-in-law moved last weekend, and since they were purchasing new stainless steel appliances, we gladly inherited their white fridge, stove and microwave, which were all in awesome condition!

Last Saturday, the new machines where wheeled in and the old ones were chucked out. I looked online and found a local "scrapper" {that's what they actually call themselves} who would pick up the old appliances for free. Heck, he even took my old elliptical trainer which I have been dying to get rid of as it has only served as a clothes dryer for the last few years. Basically, he collects anything metal and resells it! And this guy had stories to tell my husband as they were loading the items he was relieving us of! Jon came in and he had enough to tell us to start a reality show {please don't start a reality show about scrappers!}.

And what a difference! My entire kitchen looks brighter and more up-to-date with the replacement of three appliances.

{Taken after we replaced the floor}

Okay, so you can barely see the old ones {can you tell I was embarrassed by them?}.

And here is my kitchen today:


 {A shout out to my 8-year-old niece, Emma, who kindly offered to arrange the pics so nicely on my fridge!}

I am sure to most of the world, this seems very boring! But I have been waiting for-evah to get rid of the ugly bisque things...I love, love, love! And as was expected, now BOTH Jon and I are anxious to update the back splash. And now seeing the space with the new brighter appliances, we feel more confident that we may be able to use the original tile that we really liked {and still own a sheet of cause we lost the receipt!} :

 As you can see, it works well with the white appliances, the new floor, and my current accessories.

And I find it makes my green counter top actually look more gray!

I believe applying it with a very light colored grout would look phenomenal, don't you? Can't wait! It may get done in the coming months, or we may paint the entire back splash temporarily and fix it more permanently later down the road... we'll see!

Now, this weekend, with our son gone, we are tackling the first room on our TO-DO list: our basement master bedroom! First issue {I know, I haven't even started} I went to IKEA to purchase this quilt set so I can be certain of my paint colors, and they didn't have it in the biggest size!

And, you can't even order it online! It has been out for a while so I am thinking they only have leftovers now. So, I left IKEA empty-handed... In any case I am pretty certain of my color selection so I purchased my paint without the quilt set. I may just buy will more than likely buy the smaller size and only use it at the foot of the bed.

So, my goals this weekend:
-paint focal wall deep purple
-paint other walls light gray
-paint closet doors and trim glossy white {closet doors are currently electric blue! Yikes!}
-stencil focal wall in lighter purple {by mixing darker purple with either gray or white to achieve desired color}.

Hopefully, all goes well. Will share pics next week!

UPDATE: It is Saturday night... we have a GORGEOUS deep purple wall, and two coats of glossy white on the closet doors and trim {which will probably require another two coats... stupid neon electric blue!}. Tomorrow, we are painting the remainder of the room in my moody gray color, stenciling the purple wall {I may actually start this tonight!}, and finishing painting the closet and trim. Stay tuned... Details and pics shortly...


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