August 30, 2011

I have something to tell you...

We ... are ... moving! That's right! Jon has accepted a job in none other than our hometown of Kapuskasing, Ontario! {For those of you who don't know where that is, it is about a 10-hour drive away from where we currently live!} And we are THRILLED!

We have been living in the Ottawa area for seven years, and from the get go, we have hoped we could one day return to our hometown, but we knew this would be difficult with few job opportunities. But now, our dream is coming true and we will get to live the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle that only a small town can offer, with a large support system around us, and plenty of extended family and friends to keep us busy! I can't wait...

This decision means many things...

At first it meant "panic mode" for about 24-hours, realizing how much we had to do, and like, ASAP! {Jon leaves on September 18!} Our plan is for me to stay behind with my little guy and bun-in-the-oven, at least until we sell the house. I am hoping to be home by the first weekend of November.

As for the house, well, for starters, the two rooms we just redecorated were pretty much done for nothing! We will only get to enjoy them for a little while until we sell the house... :-(

We are also not rushing into buying a home so will be living with family for the first several months... AKA, there won't be much going on worthy of blog reporting... Double sad face
:-(  :-(   Of course, I could keep the blog going but share posts from other decorating blogs instead... or transform it into a family slash baby blog instead... we will see!

We have undertaken a massive house purge and finish-up-unfinished-projects to "stage" the house for selling. My parents, in-laws and other family have been helping a lot which we are so thankful for. And with my sister's family only a few kilometres away, I can rely on them to help with Nico and with last-minute favors once Jon leaves, and I may even be moving in with them for a while until the house sells.

So that's my news and that's where we are at! The house officially went up for sale today! Here's a link for your perusal, and a little pic of our very first home which we have loved!

Keep you fingers crossed for a quick and uneventful sale! Until next time, take care!

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