September 7, 2011


Our house is SOLD!

I could not be happier! And the buyer is a great person! She is a single Mom of two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and 12! They already knew and loved our neighborhood and they will fit right in!

It only took 3 days, 4 phone calls, and 3 viewings! I am so happy that we chose to sell it ourselves! It was worth the effort for saving the thousands we would have paid in commission to a real estate agent!

Our closing date is November 1 but I am hoping to have the house emptied by thanksgiving weekend, after which point Nico and I will move in with my sister and her family until I finish work on November 4. So... in just over two months, I will be back in my hometown impatiently patiently waiting the arrival of our little man number two!

I will keep posting here and there but as I have said, there won't be much decorating / DIY-ing going on as we are living with family for a while. But I'd rather keep posting regarding other Mylène-and-family-related topics than to close the blog. I've been evidently busy with prepping and selling the house, but should have more time to post in the coming weeks and until the baby arrives. I can write about topics like Baby Beadow Dos, our next home's "wish list", our hometown, and random inspiration pictures.

Take care and hope to see y'all soon!


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