April 30, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Board!

Work is slowly progressing at the house. We are busy busy BUSY, which is why I haven't posted anything for a while... that and there is not much to show. A lot is going on, like the heating system conversion is almost complete but that is not very interesting to post about. Being an older house, the closer we look, the more areas we find that need to be fixed. For example, cracks in the ceiling from the house shifting or previous patching jobs that were poorly done. So, these are all things that our perfectionist dads want to fix properly before we cover it all up with glorious paint.

Ahhh, paint... my friend and my foe. I have spent the last three days painting ceilings. I actually really enjoy painting, but white ceilings? Boring... Tomorrow, I am totally busting open a can of real paint!

Another project we started tackling is the kitchen cabinets which we chose to keep and refinish. Since this home is from the 60s, the cabinets had not one, but TWO layers of shelf paper: 
Flowers and photocopied wood grain... beautiful!

Here are more pics just for kicks!
Our workshop if you will.

And another shot of those lovely (dirty) flowers.

FUN! So far, my dad, Jon's dad, Jon and myself have each tried our hand at removing the layers and the very sticky and old glue... I'll keep you posted on that cause we're not done yet!

In the meantime, until I have more progress pics to post, I will share my Kitchen Inspiration Board.

And here is the source list:

  1. Accent back splash *
*The accent back splash will be installed behind the stove only and straight up to the ceiling, like this inspirational photo:
Northwest Territorial Residence contemporary kitchen

This is my ideal schedule for the next few weeks:
  • finish painting bedroom-side of the house (which includes three bedrooms, hallway and washroom, possibly the front entrance way) over the next 3-4 days;
  • our windows are scheduled to arrive on May 3 (MY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!); install all windows from May 4-7;
  • have carpets installed in bedrooms May 8-9;
  • finish painting remainder of the main floor (including living room, dining room, kitchen, side entrance and powder room) after window installation;
  • start installing laminate floor around May 8;
  • finish prepping, sanding, priming and painting cupboards; install cupboards;
  • install entrance and kitchen floors by May 14;
  • FINISH by May 19!
  • MOVE IN on May 20!

Of course, there will be other projects among these, like installing chimney hood fan, changing a few light fixtures, etc. But this is the BIG picture.
I am so excited and I will be even more excited to see a bit of color on the walls. Maybe tomorrow?

April 18, 2012

Demolition time

The demolition in our new home has begun! Jon, my father, my father-in-law and a few of Jon's friends started tackling it almost a week ago. A lot of junk has been tossed out and dust has been floating around since then, but the destruction is done  is almost over  continues...

So far, they have completed the following:
  • removed all carpeting;
  • removed started to remove the laminate floor in the kitchen only to realize there are two layers of laminate flooring which are very well adhered to the sub-floor; so they will have to remove both layers AND the sub-floor - surprise #1};
  • removed all baseboards, and door and window casings;
  • removed all interior doors that are not being replaced;
  • removed back splash in the kitchen {and here is surprise #2} the interior of the wall below the window, which is directly above the sink, was rotten, covered in mold and falling apart; that entire wall now needs to be reconstructed;
  • widened the doorway into the living room from the front entrance;
  • opened up the doorway into the hallway;
  • removed the L-shape counter/cabinets in the kitchen in order to reposition them {this also allows us to determine where we want to place it and how much counter top we need};
  • surprises #1 and 2 forced us to do this step which was not planned: remove all lower cabinets {which in a way turned out for the best as we will bring them in my father-in-laws heated garage where I will be able to start sanding, priming and painting all the cabinets};
  • removed some upper cabinets where the fridge will go {too short} and where we will install a new chimney style hood fan;
  • removed the entire dropped ceiling in the basement to allow for the installation of duct work and whatever else goes along with converting from electric to natural gas heat;
  • recessed the outlet for the oven into the wall as it was protruding out and would have been in the way.
I am sure they have done other jobs that I am unaware of as I only visit the place here and there, and of course they don't keep me in the loop about every single detail.

Things are well under way. However, I realized quickly that demolition was the quickest part of the renovation. I knew the preparation would be long... Plus Jon works full-time so he tries to go every evening for a few hours, which means that our dads are doing the majority of the work right now. Thank goodness they are both retired and enjoy this type of work... oh, and are AMAZING at it! We trust them 100% to do an awesome job. {Yes I am sucking up although neither of them read my blog!}

Here are a few progress pictures!

Kitchen BEFORE:
 *In case you are wondering, you see the outlet protruding behind the stove here.

Kitchen NOW:
{No, that is NOT my new fridge for which the cabinets were too low!}

Living room entrance BEFORE:

Living room entrance NOW:

Hallway entrance BEFORE:

Hallway entrance NOW:

And, just for fun, Mother Nature decided that we had been spoiled with the lovely weather we had been enjoying the last month or so, therefore she decided to ruin it with a HUGE snow storm over the last few days! So my new home went from this just last week...

To this!

I am very happy that the process has begun but I am very much looking forward to seeing the new flooring going down, the cabinets painted, and in general, some projects actually complete. I am finding it difficult mostly because I SOOOOO want to be involved in the process {being the DIY gal that I am}, but with a 4-month-old and an almost-4-year-old, I am busy enough as it is. Hopefully once the snow starts clearing and I can actually get out of the drive way {seriously, this morning, I could not get out of the drive way}, I will be able to be more involved. I am planning on prepping and painting all of the cabinets myself so I can call that my project, and would love to do some of the tile work too! I also quite enjoy painting so will be helping out with that task. Here's hoping I have more progress to report next week! In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for no more surprises!

April 14, 2012

I'm back...

A whole lot has happened since I last posted on September 7, 2011...

First of all, we packed up and moved almost 1,000 kilometers away, back to our hometown of Kapuskasing, Ontario. We have been living back home now since October, and have been bouncing around between my sister's home, my parents' home and my in-laws' home.

Most importantly, I had a BABY! Yes, Baby Boy Beadow #2 was born on December 14, 2011 at 1:55 pm, weighing 7 lbs 8 ounces, and measuring 21 inches! He was perfect and the delivery went smoothly, especially since I was able to get an epidural this time! We named him Luca Jason Beadow and he is just wonderful!

Here he is at 1 month old:

And here he is just last week:

And big brother Nicholas has adjusted really well to the new addition. Here is my little man:

As for finding a home, about a month or so ago, we found THE ONE. We had kept an eye open for potential homes even before our arrival but nothing ever really came of our search. At one point, a house came on the market that I absolutely loved! It was an older side-split with a walk-out basement, the last lot on a cul-de-sac with no rear neighbors. It had character but had also been updated... all in all, it was great. But, I was not the only one who thought so, and it sold before I even got to see it in person. So we waited, and waited... We visited three other properties but each one lacked something.

Then, through the grapevine (friends of my in-laws' neighbors) we heard of a house that would be coming up for sale. An elderly man had passed and his children were selling his property. We were intrigued as the asking price was somewhat low for the region and the house seemed rather large. We called to visit and were more than pleasantly surprised at what we found. The house is a bungalow of just under 1700 square feet plus a finished basement of the same size. Although it is somewhat dated, it had been very well maintained by its one and only owner since it was built in 1964. It has now rear neighbors, is in a quiet neighborhood with a few other young families (like right next door they have three young boys!). Very ideal for a family like ours looking for our forever home.

We finally got the keys this week. The process was longer than we had hoped as we were requesting to borrow additional money to put towards renovations. My first impression was that it is very much a Sarah Richardson house! A lot of potential so put your imagination glasses on!

Here are the exterior pictures:

And now the interior: {Get ready to be thrown back into the 60s!}

Half bath at entrance:

Kitchen angle 1:
*I am ecstatic to have a large window over the sink overlooking the back yard!

Kitchen angle 2: {To the left, you see the entrance from the garage and the stairs to the basement. This landing is also where the half bath is. This is one of two entrances to the living room where my handsome husband is standing.}
*The counter behind that open door is what I will be calling the coffee bar.

Kitchen angle 3:
Dining room from kitchen:
Kitchen view from dining room: {To the right is the front entrance closet.}
*The stretch of lower and upper cabinets to the side is my side board.

Front entrance view from dining room: {The second wooden door seen here is an entrance for the living room.}

Living room: {Yes, that is wallpaper and it is STAYING! I have to find a way to make it work with my decor! It is so mod and so in right now!}

Fireplace {non-functioning} in the living room:
Other view {from the wallpapered wall} of the living room: {In the back you see the hallway leading to the bedrooms.}
Hallway to the bedrooms:
Master bedroom:
Nico's bedroom:

That is the main floor. Now for the basement...

This is the rec room... let me rephrase that: the longest rec room you will ever see!

Here is a closer look at the other end of the rec room which has a bar... and a very retro vibe!

In the basement, we also have to other rooms.

This one will be an office / guest room:
And this room will be my craft room which may house a futon for additional guest space:
Basement washroom:

So that is pretty much it. Of course there are other less interesting rooms in the basement, such as the laundry room, cold storage room, utility room, workshop that will become the furnace room, etc.

There is also what is called a breezeway between the garage and the house. It is basically and long, narrow and tall hallway that just screams MUDROOM! It is a feature that I really love about this home! I also feel that, although the bedrooms and bathrooms may seem small, the rooms are larger where it counts like the dining room, living room, kitchen and of course rec room, where families spend the most time.

Here is a list of what we are planning on updating before we actually move-in:
  • Converting from electric heat to natural gas heat.
  • Recovering all the floors on the main floor, including: vinyl tiles in the side entrance, half bath and kitchen; laminate flooring in the living room, dining room and hallway; ceramic tile in the front entrance and carpet in the bedrooms.
  • Reconfiguring the L-shape of the cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Painting lower cabinets in dark charcoal and upper cabinets in bright white.
  • Replacing all hardware in kitchen.
  • Replacing counter tops in kitchen.
  • Replacing kitchen sink and faucet.
  • Installing new back splash throughout kitchen and accent back splash behind stove.
  • Installing chimney style hood fan over stove.
  • Replacing light fixtures in kitchen and front entrance.
  • Repositioning and replacing light fixture in dining room
  • Replacing all windows on main floor except the dining window as we will eventually be replacing that window with french patio doors.
  • Painting all walls and ceilings on main floor.
  • Installing new window and door casings.
  • Installing new 5" high baseboards throughout main floor.
  • Replacing some doors and painting remaining doors.
  • Replace all electrical boxes for light switches and plugs.
We anticipate this first phase of the renovations will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. We may save some smaller projects for when we have moved-in. We are not planning on touching the basement for the time being as it is quite functional and we both like the retro feel of it all.

Upcoming posts will feature floor plans including desired furniture arrangement, color palettes and inspiration boards, as well as process pics and many many details. Stay tuned...