April 18, 2012

Demolition time

The demolition in our new home has begun! Jon, my father, my father-in-law and a few of Jon's friends started tackling it almost a week ago. A lot of junk has been tossed out and dust has been floating around since then, but the destruction is done  is almost over  continues...

So far, they have completed the following:
  • removed all carpeting;
  • removed started to remove the laminate floor in the kitchen only to realize there are two layers of laminate flooring which are very well adhered to the sub-floor; so they will have to remove both layers AND the sub-floor - surprise #1};
  • removed all baseboards, and door and window casings;
  • removed all interior doors that are not being replaced;
  • removed back splash in the kitchen {and here is surprise #2} the interior of the wall below the window, which is directly above the sink, was rotten, covered in mold and falling apart; that entire wall now needs to be reconstructed;
  • widened the doorway into the living room from the front entrance;
  • opened up the doorway into the hallway;
  • removed the L-shape counter/cabinets in the kitchen in order to reposition them {this also allows us to determine where we want to place it and how much counter top we need};
  • surprises #1 and 2 forced us to do this step which was not planned: remove all lower cabinets {which in a way turned out for the best as we will bring them in my father-in-laws heated garage where I will be able to start sanding, priming and painting all the cabinets};
  • removed some upper cabinets where the fridge will go {too short} and where we will install a new chimney style hood fan;
  • removed the entire dropped ceiling in the basement to allow for the installation of duct work and whatever else goes along with converting from electric to natural gas heat;
  • recessed the outlet for the oven into the wall as it was protruding out and would have been in the way.
I am sure they have done other jobs that I am unaware of as I only visit the place here and there, and of course they don't keep me in the loop about every single detail.

Things are well under way. However, I realized quickly that demolition was the quickest part of the renovation. I knew the preparation would be long... Plus Jon works full-time so he tries to go every evening for a few hours, which means that our dads are doing the majority of the work right now. Thank goodness they are both retired and enjoy this type of work... oh, and are AMAZING at it! We trust them 100% to do an awesome job. {Yes I am sucking up although neither of them read my blog!}

Here are a few progress pictures!

Kitchen BEFORE:
 *In case you are wondering, you see the outlet protruding behind the stove here.

Kitchen NOW:
{No, that is NOT my new fridge for which the cabinets were too low!}

Living room entrance BEFORE:

Living room entrance NOW:

Hallway entrance BEFORE:

Hallway entrance NOW:

And, just for fun, Mother Nature decided that we had been spoiled with the lovely weather we had been enjoying the last month or so, therefore she decided to ruin it with a HUGE snow storm over the last few days! So my new home went from this just last week...

To this!

I am very happy that the process has begun but I am very much looking forward to seeing the new flooring going down, the cabinets painted, and in general, some projects actually complete. I am finding it difficult mostly because I SOOOOO want to be involved in the process {being the DIY gal that I am}, but with a 4-month-old and an almost-4-year-old, I am busy enough as it is. Hopefully once the snow starts clearing and I can actually get out of the drive way {seriously, this morning, I could not get out of the drive way}, I will be able to be more involved. I am planning on prepping and painting all of the cabinets myself so I can call that my project, and would love to do some of the tile work too! I also quite enjoy painting so will be helping out with that task. Here's hoping I have more progress to report next week! In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for no more surprises!

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  1. Wow...the house is super big and the demolition is really going great.....Can't wait to see the final product!