April 30, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Board!

Work is slowly progressing at the house. We are busy busy BUSY, which is why I haven't posted anything for a while... that and there is not much to show. A lot is going on, like the heating system conversion is almost complete but that is not very interesting to post about. Being an older house, the closer we look, the more areas we find that need to be fixed. For example, cracks in the ceiling from the house shifting or previous patching jobs that were poorly done. So, these are all things that our perfectionist dads want to fix properly before we cover it all up with glorious paint.

Ahhh, paint... my friend and my foe. I have spent the last three days painting ceilings. I actually really enjoy painting, but white ceilings? Boring... Tomorrow, I am totally busting open a can of real paint!

Another project we started tackling is the kitchen cabinets which we chose to keep and refinish. Since this home is from the 60s, the cabinets had not one, but TWO layers of shelf paper: 
Flowers and photocopied wood grain... beautiful!

Here are more pics just for kicks!
Our workshop if you will.

And another shot of those lovely (dirty) flowers.

FUN! So far, my dad, Jon's dad, Jon and myself have each tried our hand at removing the layers and the very sticky and old glue... I'll keep you posted on that cause we're not done yet!

In the meantime, until I have more progress pics to post, I will share my Kitchen Inspiration Board.

And here is the source list:

  1. Accent back splash *
*The accent back splash will be installed behind the stove only and straight up to the ceiling, like this inspirational photo:
Northwest Territorial Residence contemporary kitchen

This is my ideal schedule for the next few weeks:
  • finish painting bedroom-side of the house (which includes three bedrooms, hallway and washroom, possibly the front entrance way) over the next 3-4 days;
  • our windows are scheduled to arrive on May 3 (MY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!); install all windows from May 4-7;
  • have carpets installed in bedrooms May 8-9;
  • finish painting remainder of the main floor (including living room, dining room, kitchen, side entrance and powder room) after window installation;
  • start installing laminate floor around May 8;
  • finish prepping, sanding, priming and painting cupboards; install cupboards;
  • install entrance and kitchen floors by May 14;
  • FINISH by May 19!
  • MOVE IN on May 20!

Of course, there will be other projects among these, like installing chimney hood fan, changing a few light fixtures, etc. But this is the BIG picture.
I am so excited and I will be even more excited to see a bit of color on the walls. Maybe tomorrow?


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