May 26, 2012

How's this for progress...

It has already been 6 weeks since we first got the keys to our new home. Time sure does fly! As for progress? Well... it's coming along. Jon's original completion date was aimed at May 19. However, we have at least another two to three weeks, so I am selecting June 8 as our completion date and we would be moving in thereafter. That would fall within my original guestimate of 4 to 8 weeks.

Here is an update on a previous TO-DO list regarding what we want to do before we move-in {what is completed is stricken through; new information is in RED}:
  • Converting from electric heat to natural gas heat; about 80% complete as there is still some work, for example the actual natural gas connection needs to be made by the provider.
  • Recovering all the floors on the main floor, including: vinyl and limestone tiles in the side entrance, half bath and kitchen; laminate flooring in the living room, dining room and hallway; ceramic tile in the front entrance and carpet in the bedroom; we ran out of laminate so had to order 3 more boxes; and we are installing the vinyl and limestone tiles last as that is our "working area";
  • Reconfiguring the L-shape of the cabinets in the kitchen; counter has been chopped, we still need to reconfigure;
  • Painting lower cabinets in dark charcoal and upper cabinets in bright white; 90% primed, all need to be painted;
  • Replacing all hardware in kitchen.
  • Replacing counter tops in kitchen.
  • Replacing kitchen sink and faucet.
  • Installing new back splash throughout kitchen and accent back splash behind stove; only ordered accent back splash to start, received it but not installed yet;
  • Installing chimney style hood fan over stove.
  • Replacing light fixtures in kitchen and front entrance; I decided to revamp the entrance fixture... more on that in another post.
  • Repositioning and replacing light fixture in dining room.
  • Replacing all windows on main floor except the dining window as we will eventually be replacing that window with french patio doors.
  • Painting all walls and ceilings on main floor; about 80% complete.
  • Installing new window and door casings; about 60% complete.
  • Installing new 5" 6.5" high baseboards throughout main floor.
  • Replacing some doors and painting remaining doors.
  • Replacing all electrical boxes for light switches and plugs; about 15% complete as there was a power outage the other day so we took advantage and changed some boxes.
Here is what the house looks like right now:

Living room:

Kitchen and dining room:

Powder room:

Dining room and kitchen:

Dining room and front entrance:

Entrance and living room:


Nico's room:

Master bedroom:
The master bedroom color is the only one that I am still not convinced I will keep. Since I picked every single color and product without even being in the house, I was expecting at least one color to be off, and I think this is the one. I am also using this color as an accent in the dining room, but I think it will look great in that area. But I may end-up repainting the master bedroom. I have to decide ASAP before my baseboards go up some time this week.

Luca's room:

Main bathroom:

Hallway without the drop cloth but with a bunch of dust! Oops!

Front entrance:

LOVE the tile I chose! It is 12" by 24" glazed porcelain, with a lot of variation from tile to tile! Beautiful!

As you can see, there is still a lot of construction! But this is MAJOR progress! Luckily for us, we did not have any other surprises which was great and a huge stress relief. Demolition is complete and now we are just refinishing, rebuilding, re- everything- ing!

One update that I want to talk about as it has made a HUGE difference {and was the biggest cost for our renovation} is the windows. For the windows at the front of the house, we chose a triple-pane style with a design between the panes. For the back of the house, we were supposed to get the design too but the provider forgot that detail when he placed the order, which ended up being fine as it saved us money and really, no one will see the back of our house as it backs onto a wooded area. So, it ended up being an economical mistake for the better.

Here is a reminder of what the front of the house looked like before:

Not bad... but here it is with the new windows:

Here a few other pics just for kicks!

A fox lying in the sun in our back yard {apparently they are quite tame in our area}:

Some writing that was hidden behind a piece of casing inside Luca's closet. It reads "Adelard Breton Loves Emilienne Dussault." So sweet! Kind of wonder if they ended up together...

As I always say, stay tuned.

May 14, 2012

Previous Inspiration {Boards}

Many of the rooms in our previous home had been recently decorated before we moved. As a result, several spaces in our new home will be decorated in a similar style, if not exact style, as previously. So, to refresh all of our memories, here are the previous Inspiration Boards that are still relevant, however some may be slightly modified.

Master Bedroom
What will stay the same: the purple and grey; the white bedding.

What will change: we are losing the yellow as I am already tired of it; I am incorporating a teal that I fell in love with at my in-laws' house, along with variations of both the purple and the blue. The new palette will look something like this:

My husband revealed to me a few months ago that he had never really liked my stenciled wall {how crushed I was...}. Remember this?

I still love it, but I guess I am not doing that again. I do really like these ideas I found on Pinterest:

Basement Family Room

What will stay the same:  everything.

What will change: probably more beige and white as it could end up being a dark space otherwise.

Since we are not touching the basement now {aka, we are not renovating it, but merely throwing down there any leftover furniture} this palette will remain my inspiration. Too bad the current red carpet is in rough shape, it would have worked really well!

What is also pretty sweet about this palette? We purchased a new washer and dryer pair in lipstick red! And it was actually not done on purpose! Hello Gorgeous-es!

Basement Washroom BECOMES Main Washroom

What will stay the same: everything! I LOVED this inspiration board and had not gotten around to realizing it.  I already have the soap pump and drinking glass from that collection, and I absolutely love this combination of colors!

What will change: as it will no longer be FREEZING in our washroom, we will not have a need for the lovely little fireplace {thank goodness, mind you it is adorable still!}.

Nico's Room

What will stay the same: the color scheme, the bedding, the few accessories he already had.

What will change: the amount of each color in the palette.

Although I liked Nico's room {which we finished a few weeks before we decided to move}, I was a little disappointed with the darkness of the walls and felt it looked a little dull. I think it was mostly due to his room being so large with so little furnishings. This time around, I opted to paint all of the walls in a light grey blue {which Nico thought was actually white when he first saw it} in order for his accessories to stand out. Here's a reminder of his previous room:

The curtain fabric is staying but will be modified as his new window is larger than the previous. My mother also made his quilt using this same color scheme and it is gorgeous! It will be the piece that will bring the entire room together.

So, his main wall color is a light grey blue, similar to this:

I would like to do a color-blocking in a darker bright blue behind his bed, for which I found the inspiration on Sico Paints' website, and which, coincidentally enough, just happened to use his existing bedding set:

Another idea I love for his bedroom, and which I also found on Pinterest, is for a magnetic chalk board on an entire wall of his room. Not only could he draw and play, but it could display any crafts and projects he makes or relevant pictures {like his soccer team photo!}.
Source {FIY - this link has 36 AWESOME ideas for decorating your bare walls}.

Obviously I have other rooms now for which I had never gotten around to creating inspiration boards. Like the kitchen, which I shared recently:
Others include Luca's room, powder room, dining room, living room, front entrance, mudroom, and possibly the front exterior of the house. Those may follow soon, if ever I have spare time on my hands.

When we move in, our focus will be on settling in, organizing and sorting through the stuff we already own. The entire main floor will be painted so at least that part of the decorating process will be complete. Further sourcing and accessorizing will come in time.

Over the next few days, I will be providing updated progress pictures and where we are at after our first month with our new home...