June 27, 2012

Green means "Welcome!"

I have been thinking about how I can spruce up the front of our new house. It is in great shape! We have already decided that we are getting rid of the unsightly brown metal screen door. The siding was recently painted, the colors are neutral and the driveway was re-poured just two summers ago. See?

Not bad, right? But {of course} I crave giving it that "Mylène" touch.

I am thinking satin black accessories {like new light fixtures, mail slot, door knobs and locks, maybe a door knocker}, fresh white on the garage door as well as on the door into the breezeway, and then a stunning accent color for the main door. I like the idea of the black accessories to contrast with the white and tan colors.

As for accent colors, if you know me well, you know my favorite color over the last several years has been apple green, and all shades of it {from lime, to pear, to asparagus, to olive}. However, painting your front door a bright color can be risky, and can turn out quite terribly. I started searching the WWW for image inspirations of green front doors, and came across this lovely tidbit of information:

Quote: "Green is one of the most popular colors for an exterior front door. It’s a great choice because the color is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, growth, harmony, and renewal. Those who approach a green front door are unconsciously being welcomed. It is the most generous color that also symbolizes sharing." Source

Well, that was enough to convince me {like I needed that much convincing}!

Here are my favorite inspiration photos:

As for the accessories, as I mentioned above, I would like to update the mail slot, door knobs and locks, maybe add a chunky door knocker, as well as change the three light fixtures currently in place which include a motion sensing light above the garage door, a wall lantern beside the breezeway door, and a recessed light over the main door.

Here are some of the accessories I am eying:

Entrance set:




Over the garage door:

Or, I LOVE this style but would need to find it in black:
{Doesn't it just scream playing basketball at night? Reminds me of Father of the Bride!}

Front entrance:




I would also like to discard the current brass numbers {I'm sorry, I am just not a fan of brass for my own house} and apply a vinyl number on the door instead. Here are a few inspiration photos, all found on etsy.com:

I also love the look of a substantial trim and header for the front door, similar to these photos:


Finally, a fresh coat of bright white paint on all the trim, the breezeway door and the garage door will really help make the apple green door and black accessories pop.

I look forward to Mylène-izing {yup, I just made that up. Kind of like "pulling a Monica"!} the exterior of our forever home. This project may be completed in the near, or far future, who knows. But it is officially on my to-do list.


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