June 22, 2012

No more deadlines!

No, I am not saying "no more deadlines" because we are done... I am saying it because I don't know when we will be done. You see, the natural gas provider can't seem to confirm when they will be coming to complete our connection. And, seeing as my new range AND our existing barbecue are natural gas burning, we are not really in a rush to move in until we can actually COOK something in our new home.

Nonetheless, the renovations are slowly coming along. If you ask my father-in-law, he hates our new house! I don't think he has completed a project without at least one problem... Apparently, older houses tend to have very crooked walls that are difficult to work with {that's sarcasm, by the way}. I LOVE YOU TIMMY!

So, here is the progress report:
-all the upstairs bedrooms are complete;
-the hallway is complete, including the closets;
-the entrance way is complete;
-the living room is mostly complete, except for a baseboard that can't be finished until the doorway is finished... which can't be finished until the kitchen is finished... yadda yadda yadda;
-the dining room has been painted, and the chandelier and floor have been installed; the baseboards still need to be installed;
-as for the kitchen, it is painted... period.

The kitchen is the last spot we wanted to work on as it was actually our workshop for a while.

Here is what remains to be done:
-finish painting the kitchen cabinets;
-finish installing the kitchen cabinets;
-install cabinet hardware;
-install the floor in the kitchen, side entrance and powder room (all the same floor);
-measure and order counter tops {we had to wait until we finished re-purposing the long cabinet section to get an accurate measurement};
-tile the accent back splash behind the range;
-install chimney-style range fan;
-replace door and refinish doorway to powder room;
-paint side entrance and connecting walls going into the basement which are all the same color.

After 10 weeks {crazy!}, here are the before and NOW pictures:

The Befores and Afters Nows

Living room

NOW {pardon the clutter, we've started moving some stuff}:

Main entrance




Luca's room


Nico's room

NOW {he just had to pose in his new room with his new quilt, pillow and bear made by Grand-Maman Jojo}:

{Yes, that is an Angry Birds t-shirt!}

Master bedroom




{I know, my counter top does NOT match! hopefully, it won't be there too long.}

Dining room


Powder room




So, as you can see, we are soooo close to being done!

I will keep you posted. Hopefully my next update will include pics of my new kitchen floor!

P.S. Jon just picked up our range fan and it is GORGEOUS! {Well, from what I can see anyway, it's still in the box!}

Be back soon!



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