June 8, 2012

Watermelon and Tangerine

Some of you may think I'm crazy... or may think this is very "Mylène" of me... but for my powder room, I really wanted to create a little jewel. I felt that I had remained quite neutral with my colors for our new boy-filled-home. So when I came across a color called "Love Potion" which was a deep watermelon pink color, I thought there was no better place to use it than in my little powder room. And little it is: it measures a {not} whopping 42" by 49"; that is less than 15 square feet, people! However, it is really a washroom: toilet, sink, that's it. We were told it used to be a closet {which explains the size} but the man who lived there was constantly working outside therefore he converted it into a washroom so as not to trek through the house to wash his hands.

I have now painted my room and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Being as it is super tiny, it is difficult to take a picture, but here is a pic to show you the color:

Keep in mind, it has been painted and nothing else yet: no trim, still an old door, no accessories, etc.

When I first opted to use this color, my thought was to pair it with a bright coral, and possibly a few gold or bronze accessories. It hit me that I had a white and bronze light fixture that was in our master bedroom which I could re-use in the powder room. You can partially see the fixture here:

Here is a very unclear close-up:

It actually has two hanging globes, and they were hung on either side of the bed. If I am able to shorten the chain and wires {which should be easy enough}, I could hang the base from the ceiling and each globe on either side of the mirror. Seeing as the washroom is so small, I was thinking of hanging the mirror centered on the wall instead of strictly over the sink {which is only 21" wide}.

Here are some gold and bronze mirrors I found in a local store:

Not sure if I want to go oval or rectangular, we'll see.

I then started looking for a few other inspirations online for what I can add to this tiny jewel. I was looking for fabric on Tonic Living, and found this oh-so-perfect pattern in Watermelon and Tangerine:

It was so perfect and fun, that I renamed my powder room inspiration after this twirly trellis fabric! LOVE it! And can I just say: what are the odds of finding such a perfect match midway through a design? Sweet!

Here are a few other inspirations I found for artwork:
 From Etsy.com

Butterfly alphabet! So me!

Throw in a few colored towels in watermelon and tangerine, a no-touch soap dispenser {for the kids, it's ideal and SOOOO easy, even if it is SOOOO-NOT glamorous!} and poof! Perfect powder room!

I'll post pics as soon as it progresses. Right now, this room is at a stand-still as we are trying to wrap-up the rest of the house, except for the kitchen which is still our working area, so that we can move in soon. Right now, since I have started working again, I have no time or energy to help out at the house, so it may be best for us to finish everything before moving in. And when do I think that will be? I hate to say it but, we are the 8th today... which was my completion date. Yeah, not happening. I'm thinking another week... maybe.


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