August 20, 2012

Are you Pinteresting?

So, it is summer, and we are keeping ourselves very busy with non-house related stuff. In turn, this means the house has kind of been moved to the back burner for a little while in order for us to enjoy our kiddos and warm days at the cottage. Plus, we have no internet at home for the time being {the area is upgrading their services and not accepting new customers until they are up to date}.

However, I hate leaving you hanging without at least SOMETHING to look at, so I am sharing my latest hobby / obssession with Pinterest.

Have you been Pinteresting?

Pinterest is a site where people can upload pics of ANYTHING in order to share with the world! Whether the pictures link back to blogs or retailer websites or nothing, it is an AMAZING place for inspiration. {I wish it had been around when I was planning my wedding... Their are a load of inspirations for everything wedding: flowers, dresses, decor, photography, and EVERYTHING DIY!}

They have just recently added "Categories" so I love just skimming through anything posted under "DIY & Crafts" and "Home Decor". But you can also enter a topic of interest in the search bar; something as simple as "crochet" or as specific as "construction birthday decor theme".

Basically, if you are looking for ideas or inspiration for ANYTHING, this is the place!

Here is the link to the site, and here is the link to my page.

If you choose to follow a user {example me} you will be made aware of any new "pins" they make. Here is a glimpse at my boards:

I hope you take the time to glimpse at Pinterest, and if not, I hope you are not angry with me for not sharing all that much lately. I'll be back before you know it, and will definitely have a TON to share!