December 17, 2012

Meaningful Ornaments

I know I have been away for a loooooooooong time. I miss blogging so much, but other priorities took a front on my hobbies. I really want to get back to making projects and blogging weekly. I have so many projects I want to undertake... some big, others small; some easy and others challenging. I am hoping to get around to creating a “House Tour” post to show what our home looks like since we have settled in. But for now, let’s talk holiday stuff!
A few years ago, I decided to dedicate a meaningful ornament for every year since we’ve started decorating our own Christmas tree in 2006. I have since selected an existing ornament or purchased / made a new ornament that represents something that occurred each year. I have labeled some ornaments with my label maker or with a marker.

As you may already know, this last year was very eventful for our little family! We quit two successful jobs and moved over 10 hours away from our first home, to return to live in our home town; we had a second son, Luca, on December 14, 2011 {details can be found in this post}; we purchased our second home {hopefully our “forever” home}; I found a new job and started working when Luca was only 5 months old {a difficult decision and adjustment for me}; we renovated most of the main floor in our bungalow, which at first felt like nothing major, but ended up being an enormous undertaking; and our first born Nico started school this past September. All this in just over a year!

Last year during the holidays, we were still living with family so had not decorated our own Christmas tree, and thus had not dedicated an ornament for 2011. So this year, I had the task of selecting two meaningful ornaments, one for 2011 and one for 2012.

As Luca was born just before Christmas last year, I decided to make/find a decoration for him. But you can’t dedicate a decoration for one child and not make one for the other. I came accross owl ornaments in different colors and fell in love with them! And since owls are so hip right now, I felt it was really suitable for Luca. {I decoratED with an owl theme for his birthday this past weekend! Pictures to follow...} Plus, if you remember correctly from this post, I had originally hoped to decorate Luca's nursery with an owl theme! So, I felt the owl ornament was very fitting! I loved the ornament so much, that I decided to get a blue one for Luca and a green one for Nico! Therefore, I purchased the same decoration for both boys, which meant that these decorations covered 2011 and 2008 {when Nico was born}. I used a marker to write their names and dates on the back of each, and also printed a little letter to afix to the front.

To commemorate 2012, I happened to find this silver necklace with a key pendant, which I thought was very pretty and actually large enough to hang as an ornament if hung from a ribbon. 

It was labeled 2012 and it now represents the year we purchased our forever home.

Here are the other ornaments that have been dedicated since 2006 and other special ornaments: 

2006: our first tree topper! I know, ridiculously small as a tree topper! But the first year we only decorated a 3 foot tree which we had placed on top of a chest as we had a small puppy that ate everything!

2007: this year we decorated a bigger tree and I had purchased these mirror disco ball inspired decorations.
2008: the year our first son was born. As mentioned, I made this decortaion this year.

2009: we were engaged just before Christmas, and I happened to find a HUGE diamond ring ornament {Oh so Mylène!}.
 2010: the year of our wedding. I had 5 broaches that had been used to decorate my wedding shoes as well as our wedding cake. They were silver with apple green and clear crystals, which happened to match my tree color scheme. I hung them using apple green ribbon and they became our dedicated ornaments for our wedding year.
I also purchased these chandelier ornaments that year, which I felt also represented our wedding day because glamorous chandeliers were the inspiration for my wedding theme.
2011: Which brings us to 2011, which I made this year to represent the birth of our second son born on December 14 2011.

2012: As mentioned above, a silver key to represent our forever home purchased in 2012.

What I enjoy most since having started this tradition is that every year I get to remember the special events that took place, and I will get to share these memories with my children.

Here are a few other special ornaments.
Emerald star: one year, my mother purchased 6 of these beautiful star ornaments from a local craft show, and hung them in the tree without saying a word. On Christmas day, she said that my siblings and I could each pick one for our own Christmas trees. I chose the emerald star as it is my birthstone.

Jingle ornaments: these two decorations don’t quite match my color scheme, but they don’t quite clash either. My sister Sophie gave them to me as a present one year and I just love them! Of course, Nico loves the little jingle bells, and I love the sentiment behind them.

Vintage ornaments: my mother was sorting through her ornaments a few Christmas’ ago and she asked if I wanted any of the ornaments that she was going to give away. I selected a few balls that were two different shades of blue. Five were a beautiful indigo color and two were a pale ice blue. I especially love the pale ball with the darker center. It really reminds me of the ornaments {mind you very breakable ornaments} that adorned our tree when we were kids. These treasures, being so fragile and irreplaceable, have been placed higher up in the tree, so as to protect them from 12-month-old hands.

Crystal presents: In 2008, we had a wedding in November 2008, and the wedding favors were little crystal present ornaments. The label also reads the names of the bride and groom.
Intimate and personal touches like these really make decorating the tree that much more special. And this year, to add to it all, we used a Christmas tree that we found in our attic! It was full of old tinsel and at first looked a little Charlie-Brown-ish, but I felt that we had to use it just once since it was a find. I am planning to offer it to the previous homeowner’s children before discarding it, as next year we would really like to buy a pre-lit tree. I’m all for real trees, because my parents have always had a real tree, and the smell just brings me back to my childhood and puts me in the Christmas spirit. But I want to enjoy my tree for more than a few weeks, and the hassle of caring for a tree and the mess is just a little too much.right now. However, I do have a Balsam scented candle which comes out every holiday season and is kept near the tree to “assist” in the creation of holiday spirit with its wonderful and reminiscent fragrance.

Here a few pics of the entire tree:

Nothing extraordinarily special... but it is special to me!

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. J'aime beaucoup ton l'histoire qui le rend tellement plus spécial. Joyeux Noël Mylène, Jon et les petits!!!