February 16, 2013

Child's Play

In an effort to encourage my oldest son to enjoy his bedroom a little more {he still insists on myself or my husband lying down with him until he falls asleep, and never spends the entire night in his bed} I told Nicholas that he and I would spend some time together decorating and personalizing his room.
Our first project was painting a magnetic display board. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I originally wanted to paint a large chalkboard. However, a fellow mother and friend mentioned the mess and dust that chalk creates, which halted the idea as we have brand new carpet. Instead, I thought of painting a magnetic wall which would allow him to post art projects, pictures and anything else using magnets, and would make it easy to switch them often and without hassle. I found a magnetic primer by Rustoleum at Canadian Tire. It was $37.99 plus tax for a quart.

From a blank wall...

To a gallery:

Nicholas loves it so far and we have started placing a few pictures and projects on the board!

SIDEBAR ALERT: Here are my thoughts and tips about this product:

-The can was enough for 4 coats of paint for a board that measured about 8' by 5'. It definitely made it magnetic, but not overly. If the price hadn't been so high for one quart, I would have purchased another one to ensure it holds the magnets. My store only had the quart size available so purchasing a gallon instead was not an option.
-It is BLACK... very BLACK! When I saw "primer" I assumed it would be white or even grey... but it was BLACK! So far, I have not painted over it as Nico said he likes the black. But because it is a primer, it marks really easily, so painting is definitely in the future.
-It is very liquid and drips a lot. You have to stir it constantly, but it always remains very liquid. I had covered {or thought I have covered} the carpet properly, yet with the first roll, a huge drop fell through a crack and onto my light greige carpet! Egads!

-Clean up was a breeze! Even the drops on my carpet {yes, there were other drops after the first dramatic and scary one} all washed away 100% using just soapy water and a little Dirt Devil wet vac I happened to have around.
-The coats dried in just 30 minutes which meant I could paint every 30 minutes or so!

END OF SIDEBAR!  Let's return to our regular scheduled programming...

I bought some large magnetic bulldog clips from the local stationary store, as with Luca putting everything in his mouth, smaller magnets were not an option. Plus I like the shine the chrome provides.

Next, we hung a few things to create a little gallery over his distressed dresser: a 3D frame of dogs in sneakers which Nico received from his great-grand-mother for Christmas; a birth information frame I made for his nursery a while ago; a sign that asks "What would Spiderman do?" which I just love; and three little art canvases that he made himself.

I actually had the three canvases which were originally wrapped in scrapbooking paper for his nursery, but the colors no longer worked in his new big boy room. So I ripped of the paper and told him he could paint whatever he wanted using his own paint. I only took away the pink and purple paints {which he actually was upset about} and let him use all other colors. Here's the little man painting:

And here's what he came up with all by himself:

We also painted his library {a Pottery Barn inspiration} which was built by my Dad for Nico's room in our first home, seen here:

It had only ever been primed and had been slightly damaged during the move. A fresh coat of apple green paint {leftover from the stripes in Luca's room} brought the library right back to life. Of course, to keep him involved in the process, Nico helped me with the painting {yes, he is AGAIN shirtless}:


We affixed it securely to the wall which made it ready for books! Nico and I sorted through his books to place them in some sort of order: baby books together, Disney books together, Caillou books together, etc.

We purchased some colorful sheer curtain panels for his window. The panels were $6 each so it was a great find and really added life to his room. I opted for two different colors of lime green and indigo blue to add a bit more character and interest. The indigo blue is not found anywhere else in his room so far, but it still goes!

I have a few additional projects in mind to finish up his room:
  • painting the block letters that spelled his name in his nursery. They are a creamy beige but I really want them to stand-out against his palest-of-blue wall. Here are the letters from his nursery;  
  •  make more magnets using stuff from Dollar Tree {stay tuned};
  • set up the lower part of his closet with some sort of shelf or book case to organize his toys and other things;
  • find a few other pieces of artwork, either purchased or "Nico-made" to fill the wall above his library;
  • hang the map that is currently over his bed in a more decorative way as it is just pinned in place and has started tearing; I'm thinking of splitting it in two or four sections and framing each to make it more substantial;
  • painting and framing his magnetic board with casing {I need to paint it because it scuffs too easily since it is just a primer}.
To sum all that up, here are:
The Befores, In Betweens & Afters




We'll see if my trickery helps him spend a bit more time in his room... and out of mine!


February 9, 2013

Bedroom Blues

Since we bought and renovated our home last spring and summer, our master bedroom went from this:
To this:
 {Was too bright so I painted over it!}
Then to this:
And finally, here it is presently:
Now, these current shots were taken in the evening, but honestly, it is not much brighter in the day time... which is why I'm singing the bedroom blues!
From the get go, I was unsure of where to go with this room. It was most likely because the accessories I had for our master bedroom in our first home were brand new. As you may recall from this post in August 2011, I had finally finished decorating our basement master bedroom, and LOVED it... then days later, we decided we were moving away... So, these items were barely in the spotlight until they were stored away:
I decided to stick with the purple accessories, but I had my eye on a lovely shade of teal. I had come up with a three-toned scheme of gray, plum and teal:
Now to get to the point: I find the room boring, dark, cold and basically, it just ain't doing it for me! For months and months I have searched for fabrics to tie these three colors together. I have browsed the web for an inspiration photo of a space that would give me an answer... In short, I was left with no other choice but to...
I let my imagination run wild and came up with FOUR different moods! Keep in mind, the furniture stays, the chandelier stays {i HEART the chandelier!}, and the white bedding stays. I am 99% sure the gray curtains and pillows are going because they are just dragging the room down... Also, I threw these together very quickly so did not really keep track of where which item came from; however, I did stick mostly to Z Galleries, West Elm, Shades of Light, Joss & Main. Tonic Living and Bouclair Maison. So here we go!
#1 - Colorfully Classic  
This room was inspired by the artwork of an Ontarian artist called Siiso, which I found through Houzz.com, but she actually sells it through Etsy.com. I found her artwork so refreshing, inviting and liberating! She sells prints of her work and they are very reasonably priced. I think this would be one of the easiest Inspiration Boards to adopt as it is basically different colored accents taken directly from the paintings. It is fun, fresh and easy! I would add some sparkly accessories like beautifully cut mirrors and crystal candleholders to add some glam and keep the whole look feeling classy.
#2 - Pretty in Peacock
A few months ago, I came across the image of a peacock with its feathers fanned and stunning coloring, and I was mesmerized. Since then, I have looked for peacock inspired artwork or fabric to possibly add the jewelled tones to our boring boudoir. Now, I had the chance to make the Inspiration Board for my peacock crush. It would have concentrated jewel tones of turquoise, emerald and apple green. Again, I would add accents of sparkle and white to keep the room happy and bright.
#3 - Calm & Cozy
At first when considering this palette, I thought "Won't be more interesting than what I have now." But au contraire: adding a warmer beige will instantly add warmth to the space. Another way of adding warmth for this Inspiration Board is with textures: notice the natural basket, the more raw fabric of the ottoman set, the large knit throw, and the warmer tones of the framed mirrors. All of the items help to add interest and warmth to the scheme. Of course, adding again some sparkle with the table lamps and sequined toss cushion is a must!
#4 - Lively but Lovely
This scheme came from a duvet cover I came across a while ago. It is through Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I just loved the unexpected combination of colors! I have been going back to their site to peak on it every once in a while. I never would have thought to mix teal blue with cherry red and buttery yellow, but I love it! I also find the duvet provides a more exotic feel if you will. Add to it a few accessories in each color, and toss in some sparkle from the mirrors and chandelier, and you have a lively yet lovely space.
I do have some projects in mind for whichever inspiration board I select:
  • a bright white, curved, nail head trimmed headboard, similar to the one in this photo from Pinterest.com:
  • updating the two night stands {they were a second-hand find} by adding legs so they feel more substantial, possibly adding a nail head detail and/or mirror to the top, and upgrading the hardware:
 I plan to hang artwork or decorations in these two locations, regardless of which inspiration board is selected:
As for the floor plan, the bed and dressers will remain in their current locations, and a night stand will be placed on either side of the bed, each with a lamp and a mirror hung above to create more light and reflection. I am a symmetrical girl so this will also aid in my attempt to achieve a perfect layout through symmetry! I would love a chair in the corner by the window, or possibly even a little desk for my jewellery and laptop. But that will be down the road.
Now, if I can only decide which inspiration board I want... this could take a while...
I'll keep you posted!