February 16, 2013

Child's Play

In an effort to encourage my oldest son to enjoy his bedroom a little more {he still insists on myself or my husband lying down with him until he falls asleep, and never spends the entire night in his bed} I told Nicholas that he and I would spend some time together decorating and personalizing his room.
Our first project was painting a magnetic display board. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I originally wanted to paint a large chalkboard. However, a fellow mother and friend mentioned the mess and dust that chalk creates, which halted the idea as we have brand new carpet. Instead, I thought of painting a magnetic wall which would allow him to post art projects, pictures and anything else using magnets, and would make it easy to switch them often and without hassle. I found a magnetic primer by Rustoleum at Canadian Tire. It was $37.99 plus tax for a quart.

From a blank wall...

To a gallery:

Nicholas loves it so far and we have started placing a few pictures and projects on the board!

SIDEBAR ALERT: Here are my thoughts and tips about this product:

-The can was enough for 4 coats of paint for a board that measured about 8' by 5'. It definitely made it magnetic, but not overly. If the price hadn't been so high for one quart, I would have purchased another one to ensure it holds the magnets. My store only had the quart size available so purchasing a gallon instead was not an option.
-It is BLACK... very BLACK! When I saw "primer" I assumed it would be white or even grey... but it was BLACK! So far, I have not painted over it as Nico said he likes the black. But because it is a primer, it marks really easily, so painting is definitely in the future.
-It is very liquid and drips a lot. You have to stir it constantly, but it always remains very liquid. I had covered {or thought I have covered} the carpet properly, yet with the first roll, a huge drop fell through a crack and onto my light greige carpet! Egads!

-Clean up was a breeze! Even the drops on my carpet {yes, there were other drops after the first dramatic and scary one} all washed away 100% using just soapy water and a little Dirt Devil wet vac I happened to have around.
-The coats dried in just 30 minutes which meant I could paint every 30 minutes or so!

END OF SIDEBAR!  Let's return to our regular scheduled programming...

I bought some large magnetic bulldog clips from the local stationary store, as with Luca putting everything in his mouth, smaller magnets were not an option. Plus I like the shine the chrome provides.

Next, we hung a few things to create a little gallery over his distressed dresser: a 3D frame of dogs in sneakers which Nico received from his great-grand-mother for Christmas; a birth information frame I made for his nursery a while ago; a sign that asks "What would Spiderman do?" which I just love; and three little art canvases that he made himself.

I actually had the three canvases which were originally wrapped in scrapbooking paper for his nursery, but the colors no longer worked in his new big boy room. So I ripped of the paper and told him he could paint whatever he wanted using his own paint. I only took away the pink and purple paints {which he actually was upset about} and let him use all other colors. Here's the little man painting:

And here's what he came up with all by himself:

We also painted his library {a Pottery Barn inspiration} which was built by my Dad for Nico's room in our first home, seen here:

It had only ever been primed and had been slightly damaged during the move. A fresh coat of apple green paint {leftover from the stripes in Luca's room} brought the library right back to life. Of course, to keep him involved in the process, Nico helped me with the painting {yes, he is AGAIN shirtless}:


We affixed it securely to the wall which made it ready for books! Nico and I sorted through his books to place them in some sort of order: baby books together, Disney books together, Caillou books together, etc.

We purchased some colorful sheer curtain panels for his window. The panels were $6 each so it was a great find and really added life to his room. I opted for two different colors of lime green and indigo blue to add a bit more character and interest. The indigo blue is not found anywhere else in his room so far, but it still goes!

I have a few additional projects in mind to finish up his room:
  • painting the block letters that spelled his name in his nursery. They are a creamy beige but I really want them to stand-out against his palest-of-blue wall. Here are the letters from his nursery;  
  •  make more magnets using stuff from Dollar Tree {stay tuned};
  • set up the lower part of his closet with some sort of shelf or book case to organize his toys and other things;
  • find a few other pieces of artwork, either purchased or "Nico-made" to fill the wall above his library;
  • hang the map that is currently over his bed in a more decorative way as it is just pinned in place and has started tearing; I'm thinking of splitting it in two or four sections and framing each to make it more substantial;
  • painting and framing his magnetic board with casing {I need to paint it because it scuffs too easily since it is just a primer}.
To sum all that up, here are:
The Befores, In Betweens & Afters




We'll see if my trickery helps him spend a bit more time in his room... and out of mine!



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