March 11, 2013

From Powder to Master

In keeping with the topic of washrooms, our main washroom has received a little renovating treatment since last April, but not a lot of blog attention. As part of our initial renovation, the ceiling received a fresh coat of white paint; the walls came next with a touch of the lightest grey, followed by a pale yellow for the accent wall above the existing vanity; and finally a new window was installed with casing to surround it. Then everything stalled... until right before we moved in because, well, you can't shower without a shower curtain! And {of course} a bit of decorating followed shortly after.
I had previously created an inspiration board for the basement washroom in our first home, which I also recently referred to in this post:
As previously mentioned, although I had planned this inspiration board, I hadn't gotten around to realizing it before we moved. I already owned this soap dispenser and glass which was the starting point for the space, and had not yet used them:
Plus, I really love the combination of yellow and grey. But, new house = new washroom = updated inspiration board, so here it is:
Main Washroom Inspiration Board
To date, my crafty mother {again} created two curtain panels for the window using my inspiration fabric which was ordered from Tonic Living {notice it is the same pattern as the soap dispenser and glass}:
I then found a somewhat matching shower curtain at Hart! It added a different pattern and darker grey to the space.
Next, I DIY'd some artwork using fabric swatches in matching colors, which I also ordered from Tonic Living {you can order a swatch of any fabric for only $1!} and paired them with artwork from my previous washroom. The swatch sizes were perfect for framing!
I also used these subway signs of our passed living addresses which I had previously DIY-ed:
Finally, a few accessories {all of which I already owned} were placed on the very long counter to add more interest and textures.
A final touch was a natural wood colored folding chair to sit a matching pillow atop. Recognize this pillow from our Purple Master Bedroom in house number 1?
It now lives in the main washroom:
Now for my favorite part:
The Befores And Afters
Long, narrow and plain old boring.

So what's next? Well... A LOT! And not minor changes. We're talking ripping out and replacing the existing vanity, toilet, floor and tub. I have nothing against purple, but for a counter top? I'm more of a grey or neutral girl.
I have in mind to refinish an old second-hand dresser and transform it into a vanity with double vessel sinks floating on top, sort of like these beautiful images from the WWW:

As for the fixtures in this room, most date back to when the house was originally built in 1964 and are in pretty rough shape, except for maybe the tub surround. For example, I won't show you a picture but the toilet actually has scratches/cracks inside the bowl. The peel-and-stick floor tiles are losing their grip in areas where water has seeped through the seams, like in front of the tub:
We have yet to replace the baseboards which means a terrible gap where the baseboard heater used to be, not to mention a hole in the floor where the wiring used to be.
And until we replace the floor, we won't bother with finishing the baseboard and casing around the door as we would simply be wasting supplies and money. Had you noticed the unfinished casing in this picture?
Oh, and there is no actual light fixture in the space. Just some bare bulbs {which at one point made the paint bubble and peel}:
{Had you noticed that too?}
So we are a few {large} projects away from having completed this space. It is functional and somewhat presentable as it currently is. But I look forward to having a deep soaker tub, beautiful mood lighting, and gorgeous marble tiles. My opinion is that washrooms are most enjoyed by women, and they should be as beautiful and glamorous as we all are!  Don't you think!
For now, I refresh your eyes with the look of this serene inspiration board:


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